For parents: What (not) to Wear to a Child’s Party

For parents: What (not) to Wear to a Child’s Party

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Deciding what to wear on a child’s birthday party could be daunting most especially when it is our first time to attend such party.

Before, your only stress over what to wear when going out with your boyfriend. Now, you are already stressing over what you will wear to a child’s birthday party. Time really flies so fast. 

Kid’s birthday parties are social events that actually do not follow the usual rules of going out on casual days or parties. Certainly, you will not aim for a hipster, trendy, or sexy look when attending a kid’s birthday party. It is usually in these events that you meet old friends and new mothers too. This means that a lot of photos will be taken thus, looking good is a must. 

But how could you look good when you are stressing over the details of your child’s birthday party? And for someone who has not yet attended a child’s birthday party, how would you even know if you are choosing the right birthday party outfit, right? What color should you choose? Which style should you opt for? If only you are Cinderella and have a fairy godmother who could give you the best outfit. And, that is the very reason why we created this article – to help you choose what should you wear and give you an idea of the clothes that you should not wear at a child’s birthday party.

What to wear at a child’s birthday party?

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When attending a child’s birthday party, wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

Certainly, you want to wear something that will make you feel comfortable given the activities and party events that will happen. And sure enough, the last that you want to happen is an outfit malfunction. So, what should you wear on a child’s birthday party? Take a look at the following:

1. T-shirt

Wearing a t-shirt is probably one of the best things that you could wear on a child’s birthday party. T-shirts are not just comfortable but are even easier to change in case you have accidentally messed up your dress. With a t-shirt, you can easily move around to do things that you are supposed to do. 

If you are wondering what t-shirt to wear, you can always choose from printed or plain, v-neck or round neck, collared or not, and so much more. Just choose which one suits you well. 

2. Leggings 

Since it is a child’s birthday party, then most probably, a lot of activities will happen thus, wearing leggings will give you the flexibility to run around without the feeling that your legs are squished. Unlike jeans or skirts, wearing leggings gives you the comfort and style that you are looking for when attending a child’s birthday party.

Leggings define the shape of your legs. It also gives you a lot of choices on what should you pair with it. This is because leggings almost go well with everything. Just make sure that the leggings you are wearing are thick enough to support every movement that you do. 

3. Flat Shoes

With all the hassle that you will go through when attending or organizing your child’s birthday party, wearing flat shoes is a must. Flat shoes are more comfortable to wear in as much as it gives you the freedom to move from one place to another. In addition, it also does not make you feel tired and also gives you the security that you ill not trip or fall down while walking running. 

Also, running after your child would be so much easier too. Doing errands during the party itself would be easier too since you are not that conscious of what will most likely happen next when you accidentally trip. Generally speaking, flat shoes are not just safer but they also do not make the muscles of the feet sore most especially when wearing for a prolonged time. 

4. Jeans

If you are not into leggings, your best option is to wear jeans. Jeans are very convenient since they literally go well with almost anything. You can always mix the different tops that you have. 

Jeans nowadays are already more comfortable since some of them are already stretchy. They are not just stylish, but they are also chic, versatile, and flattering.

Furthermore, you actually have a hundred of denim brands that you can choose from. You just have to choose which one fits your body well. And pick the jeans that you are most comfortable when attending a party. No worries, you also have a lot of styles to choose from.

6. Maxi or Midi Dress for Pool Parties 

If the children’s party that you are attending is a pool party, then you could wear a maxi or midi dress. Wearing a maxi or midi dress will make it easier for you to go in and out of it. You could pair your maxi or midi dress with a comfortable flip flops to go with your laid back vibes. 

Wearing such a dress is strategic since you do not know when your child will go in and out of the pool. So, wearing something easy to dress and undress is very ideal. 

7. Shorts 

More often than not, children’s parties are very casual. This means that wearing something you comfortably wear every day is definitely fine. Sure enough, a lot of activities will happen at the party, so wear the most comfortable shorts you have for you to move around quickly. 

You could also wear shorts with pockets or cargo pants in case there is a need to hide small objects that can harm the kids and toddlers.

8. Accessories 

If you want to add accessories to your outfit, then you could wear a few accessories. Just remember to keep everything simple and minimal. A simple necklace or bracelet will do. Better yet, just use your wristwatch. 

What not to wear to a child’s birthday party?

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Wearing the appropriate dress is very important most especially when you are attending a child’s birthday party.

There are a lot of things that you should avoid wearing when attending a kid’s birthday party because it is a kid’s birthday party in the first place. You’ll surely have a lot of things to do and wearing something that is not comfortable for you will make things difficult for you to do. The following are the things that you should avoid using when attending a child’s birthday party.

1. Don’t Use Dangling Earrings 

It’s a children’s birthday party that you are attending which means that there will be a lot of babies. At one time or another, you will surely be handed a baby. 

Dangling earrings are very attractive to kids most especially to babies. They will surely hold it or worse, pull it. Just imagine the pain that it will cause you. In addition, dangling earrings could also hurt the babies. They could accidentally bump into it which could cut the fragile skin most especially when your earring has sharp edges. 

2. Don’t Use Anything White or Expensive

A child’s birthday party won’t be complete without a cake and all the colorful foods and stuff. You will be handling a lot of things too. Children will surely hold or hug you with their tiny hands covered with cake icing, food items, and so much more. 

Wearing white will make all of these things visible as soon as they get a hold of you. Wearing expensive clothes is also not ideal since there is a high chance that the stains you will be getting from the party are not easy to remove. So, your expensive clothes will end up destroyed or stained and you could no longer use it for special events. Plus, sure enough, you don’t want to bring a lot of extra baggage when attending a child’s birthday party. 

3. No Pointed or Peep-Toe Shoes

Kids are very active which means that you will run around a lot. Wearing pointed shoes will make it hard for you to follow children from one place or another. You might just trip or fall down if you do so. 

On the other hand, wearing peep-toe shoes could hurt you when a little kid accidentally steps on your toe. So, the best thing that you can do for yourself is just to wear something closed and comfortable. Ideally, flat shoes or sneakers. Besides, they will not notice what you are wearing will all the activities that are going around.

4. Don’t Attempt to Wear High Heels

Perhaps, the last thing that you want to happen is to feel guilty throughout the party and even at home for stepping over the small feet of the kids. Given how active kids are, predicting where they will crawl from time to time is very hard. 

Little did you know, you are already stepping over their feet. And, that hurts a lot most especially when your heels are pointed. 

So, just go for something flat and comfortable when attending a child’s birthday party. If possible, go for something light as well.

5. Pencil Skirts are a Big No.

You love pencil skirts, we understand. They make you feel good about yourself and you feel sexy wearing it. But, pencil skirts don’t just really go well when attending a child’s birthday party. 

Just imagine yourself crawling, sitting, or running around wearing a pencil skirt? Does that look great? Definitely, no.

Forget about being sexy with your pencil skirt and high heels when attending a child’s birthday party. Remember, you’re going to a child’s birthday party, not a club. 

If you prefer wearing a skirt, then wear a longer one. If possible, something that is not fitted so that you can easily and comfortably walk around. 

6. No to Fitted Clothes

For sure, you will entertain yourself by eating or having a taste of every single food in the party. So, be comfortable and enjoy it. Don’t wear something that will make you feel conscious while you are eating. Forget about dieting for one day. 

Besides, wearing tight-fitting dresses will make it hard for you to move around or to run after your child. In addition, a tight-fitting dress could easily get destroyed when over squished.

7. Don’t Dress Like a Princess

You might be your father’s princess, but you don’t have to literally show it off when attending a child’s birthday party. Running around with a long gown is not that easy, keep that in mind. If you don’t want to trip every now and then, then think again. 

Dressing like a princess, with all the long and heavy gowns, isn’t ideal at all when attending a child’s birthday party. Think of all the running after your kid that you will do. It will be so hassled if you dress like that. 

Never dress like a princess, not unless you are attending a party which requires you to dress like that. Remember, comfort over style or showing off.

8. Cover Up the Cleavage 

Babies have this special affair with boobs. So, displaying them is not exactly a good idea not unless you want them to be eye candy to the kids. If you do so, expect that kids will go straight into them and perhaps, grab your nipple. 

So, to be more safe and comfortable throughout the party, just cover them up. Besides, a child’s birthday party is not the right place to show off what you’ve got. Exposing the kids, at their young age, things like that are in no way recommended at all. 

9. Keep Your Hair Out of Reach

Kids are kids. They will grab everything they hold. So, if you don’t want your hair being pulled during the entire party, then just do an updo. 

It is better that you keep your hair out of harm. This way, you might get away from getting home bald. But really, just secure your hair both for you and your baby.

There are different updo styles that you could do with your hair. You could go for the classic bun or simply tie it in a ponytail. If you want to become more stylish, you could choose other options and add some accessories too. 

Dressing Tips When Attending a Child’s Birthday Party

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Choosing the appropriate dress when attending a child’s birthday party is a must as are very active.

1. Dress according to the location and time of the party

Most children’s parties happen during the day time so going for something casual and comfortable will definitely save your day. Always remember to dress based on where the party will happen. If the party will happen near the beach, then definitely, wearing jeans and heels is a big no. The point here is to know when and where the party will happen so that you will know what dress you should wear. 

2. Keep in mind your personal dressing style

If you are a girl who feels comfortable wearing a specific type of dress, then wear it as you want. For example, you are into wearing hijabs, then you could use a regular hijab style when attending a kid’s birthday party. 

When choosing what to wear at a child’s birthday party, do not lose your personal dressing style. Always consider that and you could just simply add a tweak into it so that it will be suited to the party you are attending. 

3. Do not use too fragrant perfumes 

Spraying perfume is needed but make sure that you will use a perfume with a mild smell. The too strong smell might irritate the kids and they could end up having allergy reactions. If possible, a baby cologne will do or better yet, avoid using such things when attending a kid’s birthday party.


There are appropriate clothes for every occasion. Learning which of the clothes that you have in your closet should you wear on different occasions is very important. Knowing so will not just make you feel comfortable but will save you from shame as well for not dressing appropriately. 

When attending a children’s birthday party, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind when choosing a dress is comfort. When you are not comfortable with the dress you are wearing, then you will end up not enjoying the party at all. 

Finally, you should not compromise your comfort with anything else. When you are comfortable with what you are wearing, then sure enough, you will have fun and enjoy the party. Plus, you will not have a hard time chasing your very active baby at all. 

Related Questions 

What if the party you are attending requires you to buy a costume but you can’t afford it?

If that is the case then you can Do It Yourself or DIY the costume that you and your child will need. You could also do it with your child as a bonding time. Besides, you could even save when you just DIY. 

If the party you are attending has a required specific dollar amount, then do not hesitate to decline the invitation. Instead, you could invite the child over for a snack or dinner and give him a small present one day. 

Is it okay to bring your other children to the party?

Generally speaking, parents stick around during the children’s party. This is because they are still young and they need all the help and guidance that you could give. 

If you are invited to a party and you want to bring other people with you, the best thing that you could do is to ask the host if it is okay to do so. But certainly, and in most parties, is it okay to bring your other child with you. 

Should parents stay at the birthday party?

Generally, children younger than 5 should have their parents with them when attending a child’s birthday party. But if the venue offers assistance or additional supervision, then it is okay to leave your child behind and pick him up when the party’s over. 

But you just can’t leave your child for security purposes. You have to call and inform the host first about your plan so that they can also look after your child while you are gone. Through this, you could also find out if it is okay for them to leave your child in their care during the party.

What if I have work, can I go straight to the party with my work uniform?

If you no longer have the time to go home and change, then you could just go straight to the party wearing your uniform. But if you have the time to change your clothes into something more comfortable, then go. Office uniforms are certainly not suited for birthday parties. They will make you feel uncomfortable most especially when your uniform is a skirt. You will surely have a hard time moving around with all the activities prepared for the party.

What should I wear if it is a themed party?

If it is a themed party, then the decision to dress based on the theme depends on the theme. There are parties that require both children and parents to dress accordingly while other parents only require the child to dress based on the theme. 

If you are not required to dress based on the theme, then you could simply wear something casual and comfortable. A simple shirt and shorts or jeans will do in that case. You could pair it with anything flat like sneakers, doll shoes, or flip flops. Literally, anything that will make running, walking or crawling safe and comfortable for you.

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