Do You Need Insurance for a Bouncy Castle: Essential Reading

Do You Need Insurance for a Bouncy Castle: Essential Reading

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Bouncy Castle
Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles, or also known as inflatable castles, are big plastic structures which are blown up with air. Typically, they come in the shape of castles, hence their name. But aside from that, these inflatables also come in other different themes, such as obstacle courses as well as animated characters.

Usually, parents rent a bouncy castle for their children’s birthday party. Renting a bouncy castle is a good alternative to hiring birthday party entertainers because children enjoy jumping up and down on it. These huge and colorful inflatables add fun to every kid’s party.

But it is not only at children’s parties where these fun inflatables can be used. There are also times when adults use bouncy castles at their parties. That is how amazingly versatile these inflatable castles are.

If you are thinking of throwing a party for your child, it would be a fun idea to rent a bouncy castle. Not only will it keep kids busy but also entertain other older guests.

Bouncy Castle Insurance

There are a number of insurance companies that particularly deal with leisure insurance, which is a type of insurance for off-road karts, quad bikes, different inflatable play equipment, bouncy castles, and other leisure activities.

However, the cost of bouncy castle insurance varies. If you plan on getting one, the cost would actually depend on a number of things, like how many bouncy castles you have, what type of inflatables you own, as well as where you live.

Once you already have bouncy castle insurance, you will have to renew it every year. In addition, whenever you buy a new bouncy castle or other types of inflatables, you have to let your insurance provider know so that it can be included it to the cover.

Do You Need Insurance for a Bouncy Castle?

Are you a businessman and your business is renting out different types of bouncy castles? Or are you planning to throw a party, and you want to rent a bouncy castle? Actually, either way, having bouncy castle insurance is not an option – it is a must!

But let’s talk about the second option.

So you want to rent a bouncy castle for the party that you’re throwing. Aside from the food, venue, and party supplies, you will also need to secure bouncy castle insurance.

You need that because even when the bouncy house rental company has insurance, you could be liable for any injury or damage that could happen while using the bouncy castle.

Jumping up and down a bouncy castle sounds like fun. However, there might be an unfortunate situation where all the fun and laughter may turn into tears.

Having bouncy castle insurance is an absolute must because accidents unexpectedly happen. Yes, that’s even if you try to do everything carefully. But with insurance, you are covered in case something bad takes place.

You must seriously consider getting bouncy castle insurance if you plan to throw a party, rent a bouncy castle, and invite guests. If you don’t want to be held liable if somebody gets injured, you really must have one. 

If ever something bad comes up and it’s not even your fault nor a result of your negligence, because you rented the bouncy castle and because that is your party, you would still be legally responsible for any injury that might be sustained while using the bouncy castle.

For instance, usually the number of kids, who can use a bouncy castle at one time, is limited. If in your party, you exceed that limit and an accident happens, other parents can sue you.

On the contrary, when you have bouncy castle insurance, you can prevent this financial risk since it covers all your legal costs. What most parents do not know is that even when a bouncy castle rental company has public liability insurance, which is also called bouncy castle insurance, the liability would already fall on your hands and not on the rental company.

Given that they put up the bouncy castle properly and they have provided you with all the necessary safety instructions, the one responsible for every person’s safety is no longer them but you.

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Bouncy Castle Mishaps

Kids Jumping on a Bouncy Castle
Kids Jumping on a Bouncy Castle

Did you know that each year, there are more or less 10,000 reported injuries which have something to do with bouncing on an inflatable castle? And while not all cases are serious, there are still a few which can be fatal.

Actually, two years ago in Surry, eight kids were badly hurt when an inflatable slide they were playing on unexpectedly collapsed. In addition to that, another accident involving inflatables happened when a three-year-old kid got injured. A strong wind carried two bouncy castles flying in the air, and that was what caused her injury.

Why You Need Insurance for a Bouncy Castle

  1. You own a bouncy castle and other types of inflatables which you rent out to other people.
  2. You are planning to throw a party or other special events, such as a school fair, where you will have a bouncy castle or other inflatables similar to that.

Different Types of Insurance

Here’s a good metaphor: Insurance is your seat belt. It can be annoying when you do not need it. However, when the necessary occurs, you will be more than grateful that you have it. When you don’t have it, you could be injured, or worse, fighting for your life in the hospital. The same goes when you do not have insurance. No, you won’t be dead. But you’ll be in debt.

So for your security and for your loved ones’ as well, you must consider getting insurance. But before you talk to an agent from an insurance company, you must know and understand what type/s of insurance you need.

Listed below are your different insurance options:

Types of Insurance
Types of Insurance
  • Auto Insurance

You must never drive around without being insured. Aside from the fact that the law prohibits car owners from doing that, the Insurance Information Institute also reports that the usual loss per claim on any vehicle is about $5,000. Of course, that’s a huge amount, especially when you have to pay that sum out of your own pocket. That is why there is no better way to secure yourself from possible accidents on the road and financial risks than to have auto insurance.

You have no reason to skip having auto insurance because you have many options to choose from.

  • Fire Insurance

In the unfortunate event that your house is burned down, when you have fire insurance, everything that you lost due to fire would be compensated. In fact, your property will stay almost in the exact position in which it was before the fire.

In addition to that, the fire insurance does not only protect you from damages. Actually, it also provides security from several consequential losses. So it can also cover losses from riots, wars, turmoil, and the like.

  • Home Insurance

Home insurance is a type of property insurance. It covers damages and losses to an individual’s house, as well as all the furniture and other possessions inside the house. In addition to that, home insurance also gives liability coverage if ever there would be accidents in the house or within the entire property.

Home insurance policies typically cover injury that happens while inside the property, damage or loss of personal possessions, as well as interior and exterior damages to the house. But then again, each home insurance policy has a liability limit. And that is where the amount of coverage, which the insured would have if ever an accident happens, would depend on.

  • Leisure Insurance

Leisure insurance is a type of insurance that covers certain types of businesses. It provides financial security to businesses that offer facilities and services which are used for cultural affairs, entertainment, or leisure purposes.

  • Life Insurance

This type of insurance provides its holders coverage from a loss due to an accident, certain types of diseases, or even death. Personal insurance is further sub-categorized into health insurance, life insurance, and personal accident insurance.

What makes life insurance different from other types of insurance is that its focus is on the life of a human being.

Life insurance gives protection to the family at the untimely death of the insurance holder. The insurers also give money to the insurance holder at the time when he is already old and no longer capable of working and earning money. When you have life insurance, the insurer will give your beneficiary a fixed amount of insurance money at the unfortunate time of death.

Unlike the other types of insurance, this one has the greatest scope. The reason for that is because life is the most essential property of a human being. In addition to that, with life insurance, the payment is made at the time of accident or death.

Having life insurance will not only protect you and your loved ones from unfortunate and unexpected instances, but it will also serve as an investment. That is because the amount that you pay for or even more than that sum will be returned by the insurer at the time when you or your loved ones most need it.

  • Marine Insurance

When your business has something to do with carrying and transporting marine cargo, having marine insurance is a must. Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of cargo and the entire ship, as well.

Sea cargo is exposed to a lot of risks in the sea. These marine perils could be anything like being attacked by pirates, fire, or a collision with another ship, rock, or an iceberg.

Of course, these sea perils can almost certainly cause a lot of unwanted scenarios, like damage or destruction of the ship, the loss of the cargo it carries, which would result to the non-payment of its loads, or worse, the disappearance of the ship.

  • Property Insurance

When you have property insurance, your properties are insured from a lot of risks. These risks may be perils on the sea, theft, fire, or any other damage/s to your property at the time of an accident.

Property insurance also covers different crops and protects them from an unexpected decline in payment, sudden death of the animals engaged in production, failure of equipment, as well as embezzlement of the property and other goods.

  • Social Insurance

The purpose of social insurance is to give protection to the weaker or underprivileged sectors of the society. The group of people who belong to this sector are the ones who are not capable of paying the premium for better insurance coverage.

Social insurance has other different forms, which include the following:

  1. Disability benefits
  2. Industrial insurance
  3. Pension plans
  4. Sickness insurance
  5. Unemployment benefits

Various Types of Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles come in a lot of various shapes, sizes, as well as designs. The ones listed below are those that are well-liked not only by children but also those who are young-at-heart. These inflatables are commonly seen at special events, especially at kids’ birthday parties.

  • Bouncy castle for adults
Bouncy Castle for Adults
Bouncy Castle for Adults

Of course, parents will also always be in attendance at children’s parties. That’s why if you like your kid’s birthday party to have something for your kiddie guests’ moms, dads, and other not-so-young companions, you may also rent inflatables for adults.

Are you thinking of whether they can withstand the weight of your adult guests? There’s no reason to worry. These bouncy castles and other inflatables are made from durable materials. That means people heavier than kids can also jump on them.

When you also rent inflatables for adults, they will certainly enjoy your party more. Not only will you get to see kids enjoying at your kid’s birthday party – adults, too, can bounce, jump around, and play on this type of bouncy castle.

  • Bouncy house slides

This type of inflatable does not only come with slides but with climbing walls, as well. A bouncy house slide is where kids can climb up the wall and be thrilled as they safely slide all the way down.

An inflatable slide and a concrete slide have the same purpose, but a bouncy slide is safer. That is simply because a bouncy slide is inflated with air. And for that reason, it is bouncy and soft, nothing like concrete.

In addition, there are bouncy slides that are also connected to an inflatable pool. That type of inflatable is a popular choice among parents whose child’s birthday is on summer.

  • Boxing ring

Do you want to add more fun plus a touch of action to your child’s birthday party? Then why not rent a boxing ring inflatable?

This other type of inflatable, also sometimes called a bouncy wrestling, is a ring which is inflated, but it features borders for child safety.

You must keep in mind, though, that even if boxing ring inflatables are generally safe, adult supervision is still necessary.

  • Inflatable obstacle courses

Children are energetic most of the time, right? It seems as if their energy is without limits, especially at kid’s parties.

Another good way to keep your young guests busy and entertained is by letting them play on inflatable obstacle courses, which are challenging but no doubt fun. Renting inflatable obstacle courses will definitely make your kid’s party more thrilling and full of energy.

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The Cost of…

Renting a Bouncy Castle

You can rent most bouncy castles and other inflatables for four to eight hours. Most bouncy castle rental companies charge on an hourly basis. Their rate is usually at $10 to $80 per hour. However, there are some rental companies that charge higher at $30 to $50 an hour.

There are also bouncy house rental companies that charge on a daily basis. This means you can rent a bouncy house and use it the whole day. If you want to rent a standard bouncy castle (15 feet long, tall, and wide and comes with a jumping area) for a day, it will cost you around $100 to $250.

Aside from standard bouncy castles, there are also ones which are more decorative. These, of course, cost higher than standard inflatables because they may feature a basketball hoop, climbing wall, obstacles courses, slide, or a splash area.

 The cost of renting a bouncy castle also depends on other factors, such as:

  1. The size of the bouncy castle
  2. The venue or area
  3. The delivery fee
  4. The proximity of the rental company from your place or from the party venue

Buying a Bouncy Castle

Buying a residential bouncy castle will cost you a minimum of $250 up to a maximum of $600. Bouncy castles can usually hold three to five kids at a time, but that would still depend on the inflatables’ size.

On the other hand, buying a commercial-grade bouncy house is more expensive. It usually costs no less than $1,000 to a whopping $2,000. Commercial-grade inflatables can hold five to ten kids at once. They are made of high-quality materials, which are sturdy enough to use again and again.

Bouncy Castle Safety Tips

  • You should place bouncy castles or other similar inflatables in an area which is openly visible, so that parents can still see their kids even from a distance.
  • Be sure that you have read and understand all the instructions and precautions before setting up a bouncy castle. If you want to clarify something, do not hesitate to ask the rental company.
  • There should be a responsible person who would look after the children. However, for larger inflatable castles, one attendant is not enough so there must be two or more.
  • Bouncy castles are different from each other. Because of that, attendants must make sure that every child meets the height and weight requirement.
  • When the wind blows, it may cause the bouncy castle to move. So you should anchor a bouncy castle securely.
  • Attendants should make sure that the bouncy castle isn’t too crowded. Exceeding its maximum weight limit may post some risks. However, when it is not crowded, there will be enough space for all the kids to comfortably move around and jump.
  • Before letting children on a bouncy castle, the attendant/s should make them remove their footwear. Additionally, kids should not wear anything that is sharp, like jewelries or other accessories. Those have the possibility of tearing the bouncy castle and causing it to deflate.

Why Use a Bouncy Castle at Your Kid’s Party

Bouncy Castle Slide
Bouncy Castle Slide

Bouncy castles, as well as other types of inflatables, have been entertaining kids of all ages for more than six decades already. They come in the shape of animals, a house, certain cartoon characters, and many others. But there are also other inflatables that are not designed for jumping because some are created for the purpose of interactive games.

Did you know that bouncy castles and other inflatables also help develop kids’ social skills? When children play on a bouncy castle, they become approachable and outgoing.

What is more interesting about these inflatables is that they are also an effective way to help develop kids’ motor skills. Plus, they encourage kids to move around and be physically active instead of just sitting the whole day while using their gadgets.

In fact, when children have consumed a lot of sweets at a birthday party, a fun way to burn off those extra calories is by jumping up and down a bouncy castle. That means they can still have fun while exercising.

More importantly, because jumping has sensory benefits, playing on bouncy castles also gives therapeutic benefits to children diagnosed with autism and other sensory deficiencies.

There are people who look at bouncy castles and other types of inflatables as mere toys for children’s entertainment. On the contrary, they can also be a fun tool. Parents can use them to provide their kids a chance to take part in a challenging but safe playing environment. Through bouncy castles, kids can learn different skills while having fun.

Related Questions:

  • Is buying a bouncy castle better than just renting?

If your lawn is big enough or if have extra storage at home and if you think you would need one not just once, then buying would be the better option. Otherwise, if you don’t think you would need a bouncy castle for your child’s next birthday parties, then renting would do.

  • How will I know what size of bouncy castle do I have to rent for my child’s party?

The size of the bouncy castle that you will have to rent will depend on how much space you have as well as how many children are invited.

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