How Much Should You Spend on Goody Bags?

How Much Should You Spend on Goody Bags?

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Goody Bags for Birthday Parties

Planning for birthday parties at all costs also includes good old goody bags. Organizing for such an occasion may cost you more if you don’t stick on a budget. Birthday parties should not really be costly.

On average, you should spend less than $5 per bag on these goody bags party treats. You don’t have to compete with your neighbors. If they are giving their child an extravagant party at an elegant venue, then it’s good for them. You don’t have to do it just to show others you’re doing the same. 

If your child can be happy with cakes, pasta, barbecue, and ice cream on his party, then prepare these party foods for him within your budget. If you can afford to invite just four to six of his friends, send invitations exclusively for these close friends. Make it simple yet memorable for your child.

Goody Items in a Bag

Do Not Worry Too Much

A wealthy neighbour may throw a garden party for her child where everyone in the neighbourhood is invited.  Doing so is indeed a great act of kindness. However, if your budget is limited and throwing a party for your child seems to be a problem, then focus on your limited resources and your child’s happiness. 

Start your planning process by being realistic with your budget and your venue. Having the party within your house can save you money. You also have to limit the number of kids to be invited. This depends on the age of your child. 

If the child is a toddler, he may have just a close friend or two that he wants to see at his birthday party. If he is already going to school, he may have more friends to invite. Again, stick to your budget.

Children having fun at a party

Are Goody Bags Suitable on Your Budget?

So, what about the goody treats? Some parents are frank enough to tell their friends (or the parents of the kids they are inviting) beforehand that they are not giving away goody bags at the end of the party. 

You may feel shy to say this thing upfront, too. Being frank is not at all an act of rudeness. You are just showing that you are sticking to your limits. You can go for special treats or other exciting ways to make the children happy at the party. 

Remember that younger children just want cakes and some cool drinks and ice cream on birthday parties. All they want is to have more fun. This is why a little preparation for games and other exciting ways to entertain them will do. 

However, there may be times when you might feel guilty at not spending on the classic goody bags. What if the kids ask you where their goody bags are before they go home? How will you properly respond here?

All kids may like cakes, pasta, ice cream, and other party foods. However, not all kids are the same about their preferences in attending birthday parties. They may have their own favorite food or treat in this kind of party including goody bags.

The way you respond as host parents to some kids’ questions whether you are giving away goody bags or not before the party ends, can make or break their hearts. As some children are more sensitive than the others, you must answer them in a very nice way. However, be careful not to tell some lies. 

Handling responses about the good old goody bag thing for children is another smart parenting tip that every parent must know. This is not just good for the host parents. This even works for the other parents with children attending the birthday celebration too.

Goody bag treats

How to Get the Best Deals to Spend on Goody Bags for Less

Are you the type of parent who finds every possible way to give the best to your children? Can you extend your budget a little to spend on goody bags? Or can you find ways to get the best deals to host a birthday party with these good old goody bags?

If so, then you are not alone. Many parents out there have experienced this same goody bags concerns. The good thing is that they have actually found a way to find the best deals and ways to spend on goody bags for less.

There are various dime or dollar stores offering party items and goody treats in discounted prices. Parents should also use their creativity in thinking about how to save more on these party items without spoiling the celebration. 

Consider such stores as the Dollar General or Target. These stores offer party items parents usually need for their kid’s birthday celebration. These items are not just limited for the party favors or “junks” that you can place in every goody bag. 

From party hats to banners, plates, costumes and other accessories or party items, they have everything for you. However, be a smart buyer as these can cost you a lot of money if you won’t think about it carefully. 

Party favorites or even junks that most people call it in every goody bag can actually cost you a lot. If you cannot afford these wonderful sweet delights and other mystery toys that most parents place in goody bags, then use your creativity to buy something new and exciting for your kids’ treats in every goody bag.

In fact, if parents are not careful enough in preparing goody treats, it can add an average of $50 to the entire budget for a child’s birthday party. For this reason, you need to be creative. Don’t just stick to the traditional lollipop and sweets in a bag. 

One mom in New Jersey has this goody bag issue a few months before the birthday party of her daughter. She loved her daughter so much that she really wanted to throw a party for her with the classic goody bags for kids. She just happened to drop by Michael’s. 

She spotted some art kits on sale. She quickly gets into the thought that her daughter would be having her birthday party in a few months. So, instead of going for other party items nearby, she immediately looks at the art kits on sale.

These totally attractive art kits came with markers, pastels, crayons, and other tiny art items. The fun art kits cost $6.99 at its regular price. Since it’s on sale, it just costs $2.99.

Getting creative with some items on sale like the art kits will not only save you money but even time. You just have to plan ahead. You can even vary the treats that you want to place in every party’s goody bag treats.

Creative goody bags

Creativity in Every Goody Bag Seals Happy Birthday Parties

Your creativity must depend on your child’s preferences or interests. For instance, if your child is a girl, you can buy wonderful hair bands of various colors and sizes. You can also have glitter sets or other similar items to keep them happy. The key here is to make them satisfied with that party and go home with that classic goody bag treat that will make the event more memorable.

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