Are Party Buses Safe (for Kids)?

Are Party Buses Safe (for Kids)?

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Party Bus
Party Bus

Thinking of renting a party bus? Wait. What exactly is a party bus? Well, it is a special travel and party vehicle. It has modern features, such as sound system, dancing poles, as well as on-board bars, for its guests.

A party bus is a huge vehicle which usually looks like a typical bus. However, it is modified and designed to accommodate ten or more people for leisure and enjoyment purposes.

The exterior of a party bus looks like the normal one. But then again, when you enter and see its interior, it looks nothing like a passenger bus. It’s as if you were transported to a dance hall.

A party bus provides a fun vibe for fun activities of individuals. Professional drivers operate party buses. These drivers help in making parties even more entertaining and unforgettable.

Features of a Party Bus

Dance Floor
Dance Floor
  • Luxurious leather seats or couches
  • A flat screen television that often comes with a DVD player
  • A lit up mini bar with coolers and different drinking amenities
  • Laser or LED light show
  • Illuminated dance floor
  • Karaoke, smoke machines, and disco lights
  • A home entertainment system with power surround sound system
  • Video game systems

How Much do You Need to Spend in Renting a Party Bus?

When you rent a standard party bus, you would need to spend at least $65 up to $100 for only one hour.

Party bus rental costs start at about $100 to $300 per hour. But then again, some rental companies sometimes provide multi-hour packages for depending on the event. There are times when they even lower the hourly rate for people who would rent the party bus for more than an hour.

Are Party Buses Safe for Kids?

Party Buses and Underage Drinking
Party Buses and Underage Drinking

Renting a party bus is a fun way to have a party and make merry. However, there are a number of risks which are linked to renting such. Without strict requirements about the age of passengers as well as chaperone precondition, there could be alarming risks onboard a party bus.

But there has been a signed bill recently, which requires party buses to have chaperones. Aside from that, they also need to perform identification checks as a way of preventing injuries or fatalities caused by unruly underage drinking.

State Assemblyman Jerry Hill wrote that law following an unfortunate incident where a young woman dies after she drunkenly fell from a party bus. The accident happened while she was on her way home from a concert. More or less 13 other people were on the party bus, and they were all drinking.

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Pros and Cons of Renting a Party Bus

Party Bus Interior
Party Bus Interior
  • Pros
    • Renting a party bus is cheaper for a large group of people
    • As mentioned earlier, a party bus includes fun amenities, such as flat screen TVs, light shows, laser lights, smoke machines, mini bars with drinks, and even a VIP private room.
    • Since a bus is a huge vehicle, that means there’s more space where passengers can dance and do other fun activities.
    • When compared to a limousine, the amenities of a party bus are much better. There is no cooler way to have a party on the move than to have it on a party bus.
    • Although renting a party bus is often more costly than renting a limo, you still have to think about the fact that a party bus can easily accommodate more than twice as many people.
    • If you are with a large group and you plan on splitting the cost of renting a party bus with your friends, you would save some bucks, unlike renting an obviously smaller limo.
    • The windows of a party bus are usually tinted. The driver in front also sits alone. That means you won’t feel as if you have an extra guest inside the party bus that you rented.
    • You also don’t have to worry about inviting more guests to your party if you plan on having it on a party bus. It has plenty of room for more people. So even if you invite 40 guests, you guys will certainly fit inside a party bus.
    • If you plan on bringing an event photographer, having your party in a party bus will let him get a lot of nice candid photos all throughout the ride.
    • In addition, if there is a picturesque landmark in your area, you can ask your driver to stop so your photographer can take photos and immortalize your special moment.
  • Cons
    • If the party that you are planning to have on a party bus is not as casual, the overall atmosphere of a party bus may almost certainly go against the style of your not-so-elegant-but-not-casual party.
    • The fun and thrilling atmosphere of a party bus does not suit a formal and solemn event.
    • Because a party bus is a large vehicle, there may also be additional cleaning fees when your party is already over.

Tips for Renting a Party Bus

Renting a party bus is a fancy mode of celebration for special events, such as prom parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, as well as other celebratory events.

The following are some tips to help you have a smooth and enjoyable ride when renting a party bus:

  • Make sure to have a reservation. Ideally, you should make a reservation at least one month prior to your event. Then one week before your party, confirm the reservation.
  • Plan carefully and know all the details. Most rental companies need to know all the details about the special event. This is because they have to lay out decorations. In fact, there are a few companies that specialize in certain occasions.
  • Aside from that, you must also have an idea of how many of your invitees are coming.
  • In addition, you also need to know how long you expect to need the party bus service as well as your chosen route and its distance.
  • Know which party bus type would suit your party and the number of your guests. Not all party buses have the same capacity. So better know the headcount first, and then choose the party bus type that you want.
  • Know which beverages are allowed. A big part of the fun experience of renting a party bus is having cocktails and other refreshments throughout the fun ride. Ask your chosen rental company regarding which food and drinks it offers as well as its policies.
  • Select the music that you want to play. A few party bus companies offer radio or satellite radio. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the music that you want to play and have it on your iPod. However, it’s better if you would discuss it with them before the date of your special event.
  • Know their rates. There are some party bus rental companies that charge on an hourly basis. On the other hand, there are also others which charge a flat rate.
  • But that’s not enough. You should also make sure that you understand any possible surcharges, which may include fuel fee or toll fee.
  • Plan your route and know your itinerary. inform the party bus driver whether you just plan to go from this place to that or if you want to make stops at certain places along the way.
  • See to it that you look for the driver’s license and his company ID. 
  • Expectation versus reality can be associated with a lot of things, including party buses. That means what you see online may not always be how the bus looks in person. So better if you inspect the party bus personally.
  • Make an agreement, and ask for a written contract.
  • Set up rules, especially when minors are involved.
  • Not sure whether to allow your kid to travel on a party bus or not? Perhaps, what could help you decide is to ask the rental company with regard how they would deal with a possible situation of having minor passengers engaging in underage drinking.
  • Ask for the party bus driver’s contact number so you could check on your child from time to time.

Do’s and Don’ts in Renting a Party Bus

Driver Getting Pulled Over
Driver Getting Pulled Over

Unfortunately, there is no law that states that standing and shouting are not allowed while a party bus is moving. Also, there is no legal standard that governs passenger behavior.

In fact, it won’t be illegal if party buses do not have seat belts. Yes, party bus passengers are not required to wear seat belts during the entirety of the trip.

But then again, that does not mean that you and your guests are free to do anything while on the ride even if there are no legal requirements for how you should behave on a party bus.

Sure, there may be no law that requires party bus passengers to just sit during the ride. But there is also no law that prevents persons in authority from occasionally pulling party buses over to inspect for any unlawful behavior.

So party bus passengers, especially minors, must practice carefulness and avoid being reckless when it comes to how they would behave while on a party bus. More importantly, parents must always remind their kids to refrain from underage drinking on a party bus.

Aside from those above, here are more do’s and don’ts while on a party bus ride.

  • Do’s
    • If you want to drink cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, you should inform the party bus rental company before your chosen date. As a security measure, they may ask you to pay a refundable deposit. That is to cover extra cleaning or necessary repairs, if ever.
    • Have a legit proof that you and your guests are of legal drinking age.
    • Be careful in choosing a party bus rental company. Make sure that you only rent a party bus from a trusted company.
    • Before the ride, you must also perform safety inspections as well as look for their driver’s license and make sure that it’s legit.
    • Beware of some party bus rental companies that are operating illegally.
    • Serve your guests alcoholic drinks with caution.
    • Drink moderately and responsibly.
    • Be sure to clean up after your party to avoid extra cleaning costs.
    • You may also ask if the rental company lets passengers bring coolers onboard. If ever they allow, remember that your cooler must not be too big so that it could fit under the bus seats. Make sure that the cooler does not block the bus aisles.
    • Make sure that you follow all the safety rules.
    • Pay attention to the driver’s instructions.
    • If you are a minor’s parent, make sure that your kid has a chaperone.
    • Make sure that the party bus company you are renting from has all the necessary permits, license to operate, and liability insurance.
  • Don’ts
    • Never bring deadly weapons or any illegal substance.
    • Don’t even think of climbing onto the roof, especially when the party bus is moving.
    • Never put any of your body parts outside the vehicle’s windows.
    • Do not stand nor dance on the party bus seats.
    • Never hire a party bus if its rental company is not able to show records, including its accident history and insurance status.
    • If you don’t want the driver to stop the ride (without a refund), you and your guests must not display any indecent behavior.
    • Most rental companies do not allow their passengers to smoke inside the party bus.
    • No drinking of alcohol for minor passengers.
    • Your behavior must not distract the driver.
    • You and your guests must never behave in a way that would harm other passengers as well as damage the party bus.

Related Questions:

  • Do party bus rental companies allow alcoholic drinks consumption while on the ride?

Most party buses only allow adults to consume alcoholic beverages while onboard.

  • Do cops ask party buses to pull over?

It’s uncommon for party buses to be asked to pull over. Still, there are some areas where party buses have been pulled over and ticketed. That is because their passengers, who are minors, were engaging in underage drinking.

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