Yes, You Can Rent Party Supplies: What to Know

Yes, You Can Rent Party Supplies: What to Know

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Any event, especially a kid’s birthday party, will not be complete without party supplies. That’s why they are an essential element of every party.

Of course, all the time, the celebrator, as well as his guests, are the life of any party. But then again, as a host, you would want to make the ambience of your party to be festive and not boring. You should also remember that the mood of your party ought to be appropriate for what you are celebrating.

If you are throwing a kid’s party or any kind of special celebration, of course, it has to be fun and entertaining. And to make the party nowhere near being dull, aside from entertainment, you also need to look for good party supplies, such as tables, chairs, invitations, balloons, disposable tableware and cutlery, and the like.

A lot of effort goes into looking for as well as choosing the best party supplies. But then again, organizing the best party does not necessarily mean that it has to be expensive. You don’t actually have to buy all the party supplies that you need. You read that right. Yes, you can rent party supplies.

Not only can you save time and energy that it would take if you would buy each of the party supplies that you need. But you could also save some bucks. That alone is already such a good deal, isn’t it?

What are Party Supplies?

Party supplies are special event details which include everything from invitations, balloons to tables and chairs. Therefore, when you are planning to throw a themed party, it is important to look for party supplies that go with your chosen theme.

Different party supplies can be matched up by color, design, or theme. So an important thing to keep in mind when you are looking for which party supplies to rent is that all of them must fit your chosen venue for the party.

Can You Rent Party Supplies?

Tables and Chairs
Tables and Chairs

There are probably a lot of things that you did not know that you could rent. These are things, such as mechanical tools, video games, cameras, camera lenses, formal attires, Christmas trees, jeans, and of course, party supplies.

Yes, you can rent party supplies, use them for an entire day, and then return them after the party. How convenient and economical can that be, right?

You don’t have to buy all the things that you need for the party that you are planning to throw. It’s actually just a mistaken belief that the best and most memorable parties are the most costly ones to organize and host.

In fact, you can still host an extravagant and unforgettable party without having to burn a hole in your pocket by renting the party supplies that you need.

To Rent or to Buy?

Party Tents
Party Tents

Some people find it more convenient and economical to just buy the party supplies that they need. That is true, especially if you have enough budget to spend. That is also ideal if you plan to reuse your bought party supplies.

But then again, there are also a few individuals who do not have a lot of money to splurge on buying each party supply that they need. These people choose to spend less by just renting party supplies.

Actually, doing so is not only easy on the pocket. It is also convenient because they don’t have to think of where to store those party supplies.

What Supplies are Essential for a Party?

Planning on your kid’s party is not an easy thing to do and accomplish. It takes a lot of thinking and evaluating and thinking again.

Aside from having to accomplish everything on your to-do list, you also need to have everything on your shopping list, which of course includes a lot of necessary party supplies.

Whether you plan on buying or renting, you have to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. So you have to think of the smallest detail up to the very last one.

To make sure you are not forgetting anything, here is a list of the most common party supplies that every party needs to have. Let the list of party supplies below guide you throughout the process of planning your kid’s party or any other special occasion.

As you know, the party-planning process won’t be complete without a list of the things that you’ll need.

But then again, keep in mind that not all parties are the same. That means you may or may not need each item on this list. But making this list as your guide as you make your own is certainly a good start.

  1. Backdrop
  2. Different colors, sizes, and types of balloons
  3. Banners
  4. Bouncy castle
  5. Candies and other sweets
  6. Candles
  7. Centerpieces
  8. Chairs
  9. Charcoal for grilling
  10. Cocktail dispenser
  11. Confetti
  12. Cups
  13. Cutlery
  14. Decorations
  15. Disposable tableware
  16. Drinkware for juice, water, or wine
  17. Escort cards
  18. First aid kit (in case of an emergency)
  19. Food warmers or trays
  20. Garbage bags
  21. Goodie bags or party favors
  22. Ice buckets or coolers
  23. Microphone
  24. Table napkins
  25. Paper towels
  26. Party blowers
  27. Hats
  28. Invitations
  29. Piñata
  30. Place cards
  31. Plates and other types of dishes
  32. Prizes for games
  33. Punch bowl
  34. Serving bowls or platters
  35. Serving utensils
  36. Speakers
  37. Stage
  38. Tablecloths
  39. Tables
  40. Tents
  41. Thank you note
  42. Umbrellas (for outdoor parties)

The Cost of Party Supplies

Party SuppliesEstimated Price
Party favors16 to 30 USD
Balloons3 USD
Candles1.49 USD
Party invitations0.85 USD each
Disposable spoons18 USD (100 pieces)
Disposable forks11.37 USD (100 pieces)
Plastic cups24 USD (100 pieces)
Place cards20 USD (100 pieces)
Disposable plates70 USD (500 pieces)

Pros and Cons of Renting Party Supplies

Gold Chiavari Chairs
Gold Chiavari Chairs


  • Because a lot of rental companies offer both tables and chairs, you can get both of these party supplies in just one place. Tables and chairs for rent commonly come together. Talk about convenience. What is more interesting is that most rental companies give a discount when you rent both tables and chairs from them.
  • Just like any other things, tables and chairs are prone to damage as well. If you would choose to buy your own party tables and chairs for the purpose of reusing them, you have to properly maintain them or they might be damaged. That is why renting tables and chairs is the best option. That is because you won’t have to think about their proper storage as well as maintenance.
  • For weddings and other more formal events, like corporate dinners, you can get fancy tables and chairs without having to spend a lot of money just by renting. It wouldn’t be nice if you’d let your invitees sit on plain plastic chairs, would it?
  • Opting to rent tables and chairs is like hitting two birds with one stone. That is because most rental companies that offer tables and chairs also provide tablecloths to go with those party essentials. If you want to organize a fancy party, having naked tables is a no-no.
  • Another good reason to just rent tables and chairs is that your party will have a consistent appearance. Your event will have matching set of tables and chairs. So if you are planning to throw a themed party renting is the way to go.
  • You don’t have to compromise on worn out and poorly maintained tables and chairs just because they are inexpensive and second-rate. If you have been eyeing for Chiavari, then go ahead and rent them!
  • Not everybody has enough space for storing tents, tables, chairs, and other party supplies. But because renting them is possible, you can make use of them when you need to and just return them after. Pretty much convenient, right?
  • Renting party supplies will save you money because the cost of renting is much lesser than the amount you need to shell out when buying. Therefore, renting is better than buying, especially for one-time-use party supplies that you won’t be using every day. Why buy stuff that you can’t use on a daily basis, right?


  • Most rental companies offer packages that include tables and chairs. So that means that you cannot rent tables or chairs only. Even if you have a few spare chairs at home, you still need to rent tables that go with chairs.
  • Tables and chairs that are for rent may have been already used by a lot of people. What does that imply? They are no longer in their mint condition. Think about how many parties have already rented these chairs and tables. Of course they go through a lot of wear and tear over time.
  • It was mentioned earlier that rental companies also provide tablecloths and linens, which is a good thing. But then again, there is only a limited selection of them. Plus, if you or your guests accidentally stain their tablecloths, the rental company will charge you extra.
  • Of course, elegant chairs with intricate designs, like chiavaris, are pricey. That’s why when you rent them, you have to pay fines if any of them gets damaged.
  • Some events, especially cocktail parties, can go really wild. The result? There might be a few broken chairs, tables, or glasses. And of course, you have to pay for every broken party supply that you only rented. How would you stick to your budget if you have to pay extra fines, right?
  • The process of renting party supplies is much faster than buying. You must not forget, however, that you should book party supplies, such as tents, tables, and chairs, ahead of time.
  • If your family frequently hosts parties, always renting may also be costly eventually.

Pros and Cons of Buying Party Supplies

Overloaded Home Storage
Overloaded Home Storage
  • If you buy a tent or extra tables and chairs, that means you would always have them at home. You won’t have to look for good deals, rent them, and wait for them to be delivered.
  • Do you love inviting guests in your house and hosting parties? If that’s the case, then you would definitely save more bucks on buying rather than renting party supplies. That is because paying rental fees multiples times will cost you more in the long run.
  • Want tables and chairs in your party to look extra posh? You must use table linens. However, the linens that rental companies provide have limited designs. So if you want to add a personal touch to the tables and chairs, buying is the best option. Plus, you can reuse your store-bought linens every time you want to.
  • If you still chose to rent chairs and tables that come with table cloths but the linens are not presentable when they’re delivered to you at the last minute, you won’t have time to look for a better option. But if you buy your own, you can save yourself from the hassle of rushing to get an alternative solution.
  • When you buy tablecloths, they are forever yours. So when you are planning to host another party, you just have to wash them, use them, and wash them again, and keep them for next use.
  • Not all rental companies provide the finest linens. Store-bought tablecloths are usually better than the ones offered by rental companies. So when you only rent, don’t expect to have excellent-quality table cloths.
  • The amount you have to spend on buying your own table cloths can sometimes be cheaper than renting. Actually, a few rental companies cost as high as three times more for just one table linen.


  • When you buy your own party supplies, like tables, chairs, and tents, you would have to make sure that they stay in good condition.
  • Buying your own party supplies also requires you to have extra space to store them.
  • Reusing tablecloths means laundering them every time you use them. On the other hand, just renting will save you both time and energy.
  • Renting is way more pocket-friendly.

Related Questions

How much does a typical birthday party cost?

The average birthday party costs $100 up to $300 depending on the number of guests and on the menu. But then again, keep in mind that you don’t have to splurge just to achieve a meaningful and memorable celebration. In other words, the success of your party does not depend on how expensive or how luxurious it is; instead, it depends on how fun and entertaining the party was and how scrumptious foods were.

What are the basic party supplies?

  • Chairs
  • Cups
  • Invitations
  • Tables
  • Table napkins
  • Plates and other disposables

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