The Eight Best Inflatable Kiddie Pools with Pumps

The Eight Best Inflatable Kiddie Pools with Pumps

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Inflatable Kiddie Pool
Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Inflatable kiddie pools, or sometimes referred to as portable pools, are pools that can be filled with air. However, unlike concrete swimming pools, these are not permanent. You can inflate them before using and deflate after. This makes them easy to assemble.

Inflatable kiddie pools have soft sides. They are usually not deep (not more than 30 cm in depth). That is for the reason that they need to be safe enough for kids to play and wade in the pool.

A few decades ago, having a pool that was above the ground was a status symbol. Families who had an inflatable kiddie pool on their lawn were seen to be well-off. Having an inflatable kiddie pool back then is equivalent to having three cars today.

Eight Inflatable Kiddie Pools

There are many things that can make children excited and happy. One of those things that kids enjoy is splashing around in a swimming pool.

However, not all families have the means and enough space to have a permanent, concrete pool. Good thing there are colorful inflatable kiddie pools. These are a good (and safer) alternative to concrete pools. They are designed to be pumped and filled with air. These blow-up pools, unlike the permanent ones, do not require much space since they can be deflated after use.

If you either don’t have the budget, or if your place has limited space, you can still let your children experience the fun that swimming brings through inflatable kiddie pools. If you plan to buy one for your child, there are several features that you must consider.

Inflatable Pool with Water Spray
Inflatable Pool with Water Spray

Below are the top inflatable kiddie pools that you can choose from, depending on your child’s preference:

  • Intex Dinoland Play Center Inflatable Pool

Does your child love dinosaurs? Then you should probably get this one. This inflatable kiddie pool features a big red and orange dinosaur at one side. Additionally, the standing dinosaur also acts as a part of a ball toss game. Yes, this pool includes a ring toss game. But you can also use your own balls which your child can shoot into the ring that the inflatable dino is holding.

There are several dinosaurs surrounding the inflatable kiddie pool. Their vibrant and bright colors attract the kids and make them livelier. What is more to love about this is that it also comes with a slide, which has a water spray.  

Children will surely enjoy slipping down the pool’s inflatable slide while the water is spraying on them. Such a great way to cool your kids down on a hot summer day, isn’t it?

You can fill this Dinoland inflatable kiddie pool with 74 gallons of water. When the pool is full, the water can be as deep as six inches.

But then again, this thrilling and amazing inflatable kiddie pool is only recommended for children who are two years old and above.

Not only will children have fun splashing and wading in the pool, but they will also enjoy slipping down the inflatable slide to make a big splash.

  • Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Blue Inflatable Pool
Blue Inflatable Pool

This blue inflatable kiddie pool is a classic. It features a crystal blue color, which is the best color for a pool. It also has a round shape. This is perfect for families who do not have a big yard since this inflatable kiddie pool does not require a lot of space.

Think this inflatable pool is only for kids? Think again. This one is also ideal for any young-at-heart who wants to have something that is simple for his yard.

This Crystal Blue inflatable pool is very easy to inflate, deflate, and maintain. In fact, you can inflate this pool in no time. After just a few minutes, you and your kids can start the water fun. In addition to that, this inflatable pool includes a repair patch if ever it gets punctured.

Another interesting feature of this pool is its versatility. Aside from filling it with water, you can also use this as a ball pit. You can even buy more than one and use them as part of an obstacle course. Great buy.

  • Step2 Play and Shade Inflatable Pool

This one, unlike the other inflatable kiddie pools, is made of hard plastic. For that reason, you won’t have to worry about it getting punctured because it is not made of inflatable materials.

But then again, you can still be sure that it is well-made and durable. You don’t have to imagine it breaking when children sit on one of its sides. This inflatable kiddie pool features two molded seats for your child to use if ever he wants to sit.

In addition to that, it comes with a water wheel and three funnel cups. Playing in this pool is a creative way to improve your child’s motor skills. Your child can get water using the cups and then pour it over the water wheel. With this Step2 Play and Shade inflatable kiddie pool, your child can improve his coordination skills while having fun.

Additionally, to prevent your child from slipping and to help improve his balance, this pool includes a molded design at the bottom. You can also attach an umbrella to it to protect your child from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

  • Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center Inflatable Pool

This colorful kiddie pool doubles as a play center and slide for your child. It has two parts. You can fill both or just one.

You can attach a garden hose to its sprayer so that the water would flow down over them as they slip down the inflatable slide.

In addition, your child will love this pool more because it includes balls and rings. Perfect for playing ball games. It also includes hooks where you can shoot rings.

This Play Center inflatable kiddie pool is great for improving your child’s social interaction skills. It is ideal for the whole family.  You can play ball games with your child or invite other kids to play.

  • Intex Mushroom Baby Inflatable Pool

Younger kids will definitely love this pool. As they create splashes and play under the giant mushroom, they can imagine that they are fairies or elves. It features a bouncy floor, which is soft enough for younger children to sit and stand on.

This inflatable kiddie pool can contain as much as 12 gallons of water. That means with that capacity, you can fill it very quickly. It is only five inches deep, which is an ideal depth for smaller kids.

You also won’t have to worry about your kid getting sunburned because the giant mushroom also serves as a shade to keep your child from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

  • Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Park Inflatable Pool

Turn your backyard into an amazing water park with this inflatable kiddie pool. Setting this pool up is easy. It will only take you less than five minutes to inflate this it, which is kind of incredible considering how huge this pool is. When it is already inflated, there is no need for you to take long to fill it with water.

This inflatable kiddie pool is huge, so you need to have a place that’s big enough for this. It has a climbing structure in its middle plus a slide on each of its sides. Your child can slide down the snout or the tail of the crocodile. Each slide also has a sprayer, making this another inflatable kiddie pool that is perfect for hot and humid days.

This Crocodile Isle Water Park inflatable kiddie pool is not deep, which makes it perfect to have two huge slides. Worried about where to store it? After using the pool, you can deflate it. Its size, when rolled up, is similar to that of a sleeping bag. You can store it effortlessly.

  • Intex Smiley Giraffe Baby Paddling Inflatable Pool

Does your kid love giraffes? Then this Giraffe Baby Paddling inflatable pool is perfect for him. With a bright yellow color, this will certainly charm and amuse younger children.

Aside from the big giraffe head, this pool comes with more lovable features. It also includes noisemakers and a ring toss.

Your kid can play with the included rings and shoot them onto the giraffe’s tail. Also, when your child hits the three noisemakers, they will swing back and forth and produce sounds.

This kiddie pool only has a depth of four inches, making it an ideal and safer inflatable pool for smaller children. It also comes with a patch kit for possible punctures.

  • Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

This inflatable kiddie pool features a big roof; hence, its name. It has a sun shade to protect your child against the sun. It also has a cool underwater theme. So this inflatable kiddie pool will appeal most to kids who love the sea as well as underwater creatures and plants.

One special feature of this pool is its drain plug. That means there is no need for you to empty it by taking buckets of water from it. After using it, what you have to do is to open its drain to let the water out.

This inflatable pool can contain 74 gallons of water. That’s a little too much compared to the others. So thank goodness for its drain plug – you won’t need to manually drain it.

Inflatable Kiddie Pools Safety Tips

Child Alone in an Inflatable Pool
Child Alone in an Inflatable Pool
  • Do not leave your child alone in the pool.

The best way to keep your child from possible drowning is constant adult care and supervision. As a parent, your full attention must be on your child while they are playing in the inflatable pool.  Keep in mind that drowning is still possible even if your kiddie pool is only shallow. It pays to be extra careful.

  • Protect your child from germs.

One of the risks that come with swimming in pools is the contraction of water-borne diseases. And inflatable kiddie pools are not exempted. In fact, an inflatable pool that is not drained after using it must have disinfectant systems as well as filters. However, a lot of kiddie pools don’t have them.

What you can do, instead, is to make sure that your child, along with others, is clean before playing in the pool. You must also tell to be careful not to get the pool water into their mouth.

  • Always empty the inflatable pool after using it.

Each time your inflatable kiddie pool is not in use, you should drain the water. This will not only keep the water from getting dirty but will also prevent possible accidents and injuries. After using it, you may turn it upside down or roll it and store it.

  • Learn how to perform CPR.

When you know how to do CPR, you can provide help in any emergency situation, such as a drowning incident.

How to Repair Your Inflatable Kiddie Pool

  • The first thing you should do is to look for the hole or tear.
  • For punctures, a repair patch will do. For tears, you may need to stitch your inflatable kiddie pool.
  • Inflate the pool to check if you were able to repair it or if there are still leaks.

Related Questions

  • Are inflatable kiddie pools really safe for kids?

Inflatable pools are generally safe for kids, especially since they are not deep and because they are soft and bouncy. However, adult supervision is still always recommended because children may slip and drown while playing in kiddie pools.

  • How long can I leave water in an inflatable kiddie pool?

It is not recommended to keep water in an inflatable pool. One reason is because mosquitoes will probably lay eggs there. Instead, after each use of the inflatable pool, you must drain the water.

  • Do I need to put chlorine on my child’s inflatable pool?

For disinfection purposes, yes, you may put a small dose of chlorine in your child’s inflatable pool. This should be done to keep the water clean as well as to maintain standard alkalinity and pH levels.

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