How to Know What Size of Bouncy Castle You Need

How to Know What Size of Bouncy Castle You Need

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Bouncy Castle
Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles, or sometimes called inflatable castles, are huge plastic structures, which are filled with air. They usually take the shape of castles, hence their name.

Bouncy castles are typically used at kids’ parties, where children enjoy jumping up and down. They add fun to every party. But there are also times when adults use them for parties. That is how versatile these inflatable castles are.

If you plan to throw a party for your child, renting a bouncy castle would be a fun idea. Not only will it keep kids busy but also entertained. But how do you know what size of bouncy castle you will be needing for your kid’s birthday party?

The size of the bouncy castle that you will rent is an essential factor to consider. But knowing what size you need will depend on how much space you have as well as how many kids will attend.

Jumping on a Bouncy Castle
Jumping on a Bouncy Castle

You can rent a bigger bouncy castle when you have enough outdoor space and when you have a lot of kiddie guests. On the other hand, if your place is not that spacious, you must choose a smaller one.

Bouncy Castle Sizes and Capacity

Before renting a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party, it is important to think about the number of kids who will attend. This will help you know which size of inflatable castle you need to rent for your kid’s upcoming birthday party.

10 x 106 children
12 x 128 children
15 x 1512 children
18 x 1814 children

Bouncy Castle Renting Guidelines

You always ought to observe safety in every occasion, especially if it involves children. So prior to and during your child’s birthday bash with bouncy castles, you must keep the following guidelines in mind to avoid accidents and possible injuries, as well as to ensure everyone’s safety.

SafetySince the primary purpose of renting a bouncy castle is kids’ entertainment at your child’s birthday party, you must first make sure that it is safe to use. Safety must always come first, especially for children. You don’t want to be liable for any accident or injury, do you?
SizeBefore choosing which bouncy castle to rent, you must also consider its size. If only a few kids will attend your child’s birthday party, you can opt for a smaller one. But if you are expecting more than 20 kids and if you have a huge outdoor space, then go for a larger bouncy castle, which can accomodate more children.
QualityAnother important factor that you have to consider is the type of materials used. Make sure that the bouncy castle you would rent is not made of light materials. It might tear easily with the kids jumping up and down on it. Look for a bouncy castle that is still in good condition.
Setting upIf you decide to rent a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party, you must keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to inflate and deflate it. Since this is not your typical inflatable, you must not figure out how to set it up on your own. It always pays to follow instructions. 
Number of KidsAside from thinking of the size and quality of the bouncy castle you are renting, you must also take the number of kids into consideration. Inflatable castles vary on the maximum number of kids they can accommodate. Never rent a small one if you have a lot of kiddie guests. Likewise, do not invite more than 20 kids if you are only planning to rent a small bouncy castle. Simple philosophy.
Weight limitsChildren’s weight must also be considered.  Small bouncy castles are specially designed for kids who are between three to five years old. If the kids are older, taller, and heavier, you need a larger one, which is able to hold up heavier weights.

Different Types of Bouncy Castles

Inflatable castles come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Listed below are the ones which are well-liked by kids, as well as the kids at heart. These are commonly seen during children’s birthday parties.

  • Bouncy castle for adults

Of course, there will always be parents at kids’ parties. So if you like your child’s birthday party to have something for the kids’ parents or other older companions, you may also rent inflatable castles for adults.

Not sure whether they can withstand the weight of your adult guests? Worry not. These bouncy castles are made of durable materials. That means they have a heavier weight limit.

This is something that your adult invitees will certainly enjoy. Not only will you get to see children having fun at your child’s birthday party – adults, as well, can bounce, jump around, and play on this type of inflatable castle.

  • Bouncy house slides

This type of inflatable slides comes with climbing walls. A bouncy house slide is where children can climb up the wall and experience thrill as they safely slide all the way down.

An inflatable slide and a concrete slide have the same purpose. Their only difference is that a bouncy slide is inflated with air. Because of that, it is bouncy and soft, unlike the concrete slide.

In addition, there are bouncy slides which are connected to an inflatable pool. That type of inflatables is a popular choice, especially for parents whose child’s birthday is on summer.

  • Boxing ring

Want to add more fun and a bit of action to your kid’s birthday party ? Having a boxing ring inflatable is a great option.

This other type of inflatable, also sometimes referred to as a bouncy wrestling, is a ring that is inflated with air. It has borders for safety.

But then again, even if boxing ring inflatables are safe in general, adult supervision is still necessary.

  • Inflatable obstacle courses

Climbing on an Inflatable Wall
Climbing on an Inflatable Wall

Children are energetic. It seems as if their energy is without limits, especially at birthday parties.

Another good way to keep your kiddie guests busy and entertained is by renting inflatable obstacle courses, which are challenging yet fun. Inflatable obstacle courses will certainly make your child’s party more exciting and full of energy.

Child Safety Tips

  • The bouncy castle must be placed in an area that is openly visible, so that parents can still see their children even from a distance.
  • Make sure that you have read all the instructions and precautions before setting up a bouncy castle.
  • There must be a responsible individual who would look after the kids. However, for bigger inflatable castles, one attendant is not enough.
  • As mentioned earlier, not all bouncy castles are the same. For that reason, attendants ought to make sure that every kid meets the height as well as the weight requirements.
  • When setting up a bouncy castle, make sure that it is securely anchored. This is because when the wind blows, it may cause the bouncy castle to move.
  • Attendants must make sure that bouncy castles are not too crowded. Make sure not to exceed its maximum number of users. Doing so will ensure that there is enough space for every kid to comfortably move and jump.
  • Before letting children on it, they must remove their shoes or sandals. They must also not wear anything sharp, such as jewelry or other accessories, which could tear and cause the bouncy castle to deflate.
  • To avoid unwanted accidents and possible injuries, children must not bring any food or drink on the bouncy castle.

Benefits of Bouncy Castles for Children

Friends Sitting on a Bouncy Castle
Friends Sitting on a Bouncy Castle
  • A great and fun way to be active, physically fit, as well as to prevent obesity. Health experts suggest kids to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day. Compared to attending a weight loss class, children will definitely enjoy jumping up and down bouncy castles more.
  • Encourages social interaction among kids. Playing on inflatables with other children will help them make new friends.
  • A good way to teach children to be conscious and be mindful of their actions without hurting anybody.
  • Because inflatable castles are soft and bouncy, jumping on them is definitely safer compared to other children’s fun physical activities.
  • They improve a child’s imagination. Jumping on an inflatable activates a kid’s imagination. He may imagine that he is flying or going on an adventure.
  • Telling children to be careful and giving them instructions for safer play teaches kids to follow rules.
  • Bouncy castles are an effective way to bring children outdoors. Kids these days spend most of their time in front of their computers or playing games on their gadgets. With inflatables, they have a better way to bring their energy into play.
  • These help kids get better balance. Because the surface of bouncy castles and other inflatables are not steady, children try their best to keep and improve their balance.

Fun Facts about Bouncy Castles

  • In 1959, John Scurlock, an engineer from Louisiana, unintentionally invented bouncy castles. While he was creating inflatable covers for tennis courts, he saw that his employees were having fun jumping up and down on those covers.
  • The very first inflatable was called Space Pillow. It was just a mattress with an open top and without sides.
  • Bouncy castles are also called inflatable castles, jumping castles, moon bounce, astrojump, jolly jumps, closed inflatable trampolines, and spacewalk.
  • These inflatables are not just designed for jumping. You can also use them for games, such as water slides, obstacle courses and challenges, super slides, as well as fun runs. You will never run out of fun options to use them.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Bouncy Castles Even More

It is without a doubt that bouncy castles are really fun. They give amusement and pleasure to kids of every age. Not only that – they also help develop a child’s social skills. They promote being outgoing and approachable among kids.

Bouncy castles have been giving entertainment for more than 60 years already. Another important thing to know is that inflatable castles do not only come in shapes of castles! They also come in a wide assortment of designs.

They come in the shape of certain animals, a house, cartoon characters, trampoline, and a whole lot more. In fact, there are several inflatables which are not only designed for jumping. There are some bouncy castles which are designed for a variety of interactive games as well.

What is more interesting about bouncy castles is the fact that they are an effective way to help develop a child’s motor skills. In addition, they also encourage kids to exercise and be physically active rather than to just have a sedentary lifestyle.

Also, when kids have consumed a lot of carbs or sweets at a birthday party, a good way to burn off extra calories is by jumping up and down bouncy castles or other inflatables. That means they get to have fun while being healthy and fit at the same time.

More importantly, bouncy castles are also known to provide therapeutic benefits to kids with autism or other sensory deficiencies since jumping has sensory benefits.

Some people view bouncy castles as mere toys for kids’ entertainment. On the contrary, they can be a fun tool through which parents can give their children a chance to take part in a challenging yet safe playing environment. It is where children can both have fun and learn different skills.

Related Questions

  • What are the sensory benefits of jumping on a bouncy castle?
    • Helps kids improve their coordination.
    • Improves lymphatic movement as well as blood circulation.
  • Playing and jumping up and down a bouncy castle can also be risky. But then again, risky play also has benefits. What are they?
    • Develops being creative and inventive
    • Builds persistence and resilience
    • Teaches kids to have a better understanding of the consequences of their actions
    • Promotes independence and self-confidence
    • Improves problem-solving skills
    • Encourages children to be resourceful

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