Can Birthdays be Celebrated in Advance?

Can Birthdays be Celebrated in Advance?

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Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Your birthday is not just an occasion where you blow out the candles and open presents that you have received. It’s actually more than that. It is a special day meant for you and your loved ones to remember a major event in your life – the day you were born. However, a lot of people believe that it’s not okay to celebrate birthdays in advance.

How true is that? For some, it is okay to celebrate their birthday either one week before or after the actual date. However, Chinese people believe that people must not celebrate birthdays in advance.

That is because in Chinese traditional beliefs, each individual has a fixed quantity of years to live. When you have already spent all those years, spirits of life and death will come to take you to the afterlife.

Celebrating Birthdays in Advance

When you celebrate your birthday in advance, you will confuse the spirits of death and life. As a result, they may come to take you to the afterlife earlier than you must.

On the contrary, a lot of individuals believe that there is nothing wrong to celebrate birthdays in advance but not after the actual date. This is for the belief that if you reschedule your birthday after its actual date, this may delay all the things in your coming year as well.

Different Birthday Superstitions

  • Birth of a love life

Some people from the southern part of the United States believe that birthday cake candles can help you have a successful love life. According to them, your birthday cake every year must candles.

On your birthday, if you were able to blow all the candles at once, you would be able to marry within one year.

However, something different will happen if you were not able to blow all the candles. The remaining lit candles indicate the number of years you still have to wait until your wedding day.

  • Birthday and marriage

According to another superstition, you must not marry on your birthday. For some people, doing so will bring your married life bad luck.  In addition, you must also not marry someone whose birthday is the same month as yours for it will give you a rocky marriage.

  • Celebrate birthdays in advance

Germans consider greeting someone a happy birthday in advance as bad luck. Also, celebrating your birthday before its actual date is a no-no for Russians because they believe it will bring misfortunes.

So if you can’t celebrate your birthday on its exact date, it’s better to have the celebration after, rather than having it in advance.

  • Forgotten birthday

This may seem impossible, but some people consider it good luck if you unintentionally forget your birthday.

  • Ear pulling

People from Italy believe and practice this superstition. They celebrate their birthday by pulling their ear lobe. They pull their ears because they believe that having long ears means living longer. Italians also believe that ear pulling will not only give them a longer life but also bring them good luck.

  • Food tales
Birthday Doughnut
Birthday Doughnut

In other cultures, there are certain foods that you cannot include on your birthday menu. You must avoid them because they will bring bad luck.

For instance, Indians have this belief that consuming salt on your birthday is bad luck.

On the other hand, Chinese people believe that eating noodles gives a long life. Also, Germans believe that eating doughnuts on your birthday will add another year to your life.

  • Hidden dime

Another birthday superstition involves adding a dime to the cake mix before baking it. The person who gets the cake slice with the dime will become wealthy.

  • Hidden jewels

Another birthday superstition has something to do with adding a ring to the cake mix before baking it. When you get the cake slice with the ring hidden inside, you will be the next one to get married. However, if you are married already, the ring is simply for good luck.

  • Making a wish

This one originated from Germany. Perhaps, this is the most common among birthday superstitions. While you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you must make a wish. If you were able to blow out all the candles with just one breath, what you wished for will come true. But here’s the catch – you must not reveal your wish to anybody.

Birthday Cake with Candles
Birthday Cake with Candles

If you were able to blow out all the candles with just one breath, what you wished for will come true. But here’s the catch – you must not reveal your wish to anybody.

Birthday Traditions and Myths around the World

  • In most parts of the world, people turn one year old on the first anniversary of their date of birth. On the other hand, for Chinese and Koreans, a newborn baby is already a year old.
  • In some parts of Asia, when babies turn one year old, their parents surround them with symbolic objects. This is for the purpose of predicting their child’s future. When the baby grabs for a toy ship, he may possibly be a ship’s captain when he grows up. When the baby reaches for coins or bills, he could be rich.
First Birthday
First Birthday
  • In some cultures, it is rude to ask a woman about her age.
  • Some Chinese people wait until they are already 60 to commemorate their first birthday.
  • Several Chinese people skip their birthday for fear of bad luck. Some women in China skip their 30th, 33rd, and 66th birthday, while Chinese men skip their 40th birthday.
  • Noodles or pasta are a staple in every birthday menu. This is because many people believe that the length of pasta or noodles symbolizes long life.
  • In Canada, a birthday celebrant’s nose is greased with butter to protect him against bad luck.
  • Vietnamese people do not celebrate their birthday on their actual date. Instead, they celebrate their birthday every New Year or what they refer to as tet.
  • In Holland, the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, as well as the 21st birthdays are called crown years.

Fun Facts about Birthdays

  • 31,536,000 seconds have passed since your birthday last year.
  • There is a thing such as Golden Birthday. It is when your birthday and age are the same. If you were born on the 20th day of the month, your Golden Year would be your 20th birthday.
  • The most expensive birthday party is that of the Sultan of Brunei. When he celebrated his 50th birthday, he spent 27.2 million USD. Michael Jackson is one of those who performed on his birthday. The Sultan paid him 16 million USD.
  • Paul McCartney’s birth certificate is the world’s most expensive birth certificate. It was auctioned for 84,146 USD in March 1997.
  • The largest cake in the world was 128,238 pounds and 8 oz. It used 16,209 pounds of frosting. It was made in 1989.
  • The 2nd least common birth date is the 22nd of May. It comes next after February 29.
  • The Greeks were the first people to put candles on birthday cakes.
  • In Ancient Rome, they did not allow women to celebrate their birthday.

Related Questions

  • What is the most common birth date?

The date with most people’s birthday is on the 5th of October.

  • What is the most popular birthday?

The most well-known birthday is the birthday of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated every 25th of December.

  • Who composed the Happy Birthday song?

Dr. Patty and Mildred Hill are the composers of this very famous song, which was originally titled Good Morning to You.

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