Can Alexa Play Musical Chairs?

Can Alexa Play Musical Chairs?

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Round of Chairs for Musical Chairs Game
Round of Chairs for Musical Chairs Game

Developed by Amazon, Alexa is a virtual personal assistant that uses speech recognition technology.

It can be best used at home. And because it can recognize voice from across the room, you’ll be surprised to learn that it can perform a range of tasks, such as adding items to online shopping carts, controlling your smart lights at home, getting weather updates and traffic information, locking the doors, as well as playing games, like Musical Chairs, with your children.

This virtual assistant by Amazon is interactive. It has the ability to talk to you in a conversational manner. Also, it is equipped to help you be more productive and do your many tasks, which include playing with your kids and keeping them from being bored.

Playing Musical Chairs with Alexa

Are you planning for your child’s upcoming birthday? Do you want his birthday party to be extra fun? Let the games begin!

Kiddie Party
Kiddie Party

No, you don’t have to hire clowns to do magic tricks and play with your kiddie guests. Alexa can do that.

Let this amazing virtual assistant be the game-master and play Musical Chairs with the children while you enjoy watching as the party gets more fun and exciting.

A round of chairs is what you’ll need. The number of participating kids must be more than the chairs.

Just tell Alexa to open and start Musical Chairs. While there is music, players should walk around the chairs. However, as soon as the music stops, players must hurry to sit on the available chairs. The player who won’t be able to sit on a chair will be out of the game. For each round, one chair is also removed.

Alexa will play music again and will randomly stop. There is a collection of different genres of songs, so it will never run out of songs to play.

Fun Games to Play with Alexa

  • Animal Game

This fun game has 20 questions, and all of those are related to animals.

Players will think of an animal, and then Alexa will ask some questions to figure out what animal a player has on his mind. Most of the questions are answerable by a yes or no. However, some others need more answers.

Some of the questions that Alexa might ask are: Is it a four-legged animal? Does it roar? Does it crawl? Is it big? Is it already extinct? Does it live on land?

  • Animal Workout

As its name suggests, this very interactive game requires kids to act as animals do. For every animal, Alexa will play a song for 15 minutes. Players, then, have to move around or sound like the animal.

Players can hop like a kangaroo, moo like a cow, bark like a dog, or spread their arms to imitate a flying eagle.

In this game, it would help if kids know a lot of animals so that they would know how to move like each one. But then again, if that’s not the case, then this game will surely help your kids learn more about how a certain animal moves and sounds.

  • Freeze Dance

Do you know the games Simon Says and Musical Chairs? This game is like the combination of those two fun games.

In this game, Alexa will play a song. Players have to dance while the music is playing. But when the music stops, each player has to stop moving and freeze in place.

The first player who will move or lose balance and fall will be taken out of the next round.

  • Hide and Seek
Kid Playing Hide and Seek
Kid Playing Hide and Seek

Ever wonder how possible it is to play Hide and Seek with someone that’s only virtual? Yes, that’s doable.

You, together with your kids, can play Hide and Seek with Alexa even if she does not and cannot literally see you. As the players hide, Alexa will have to guess where they are hiding. But it can only have three attempts to guess.  

  • Queen’s Mathematician

This game is like the Super Mario Brothers, where they have to rescue Princess Peach. The only difference is that in this game, a queen must be saved after being taken away by deceitful elves who love mathematics. That means this game also involves solving math problems.

To rescue her, players need to answer simple math problems, which include adding and subtracting numbers. Players have to unlock the charms that are keeping the queen captive.

Kids will surely love this game because it does not only require them to solve math problems but also use their imagination. In addition, they will also learn facts about math as well as pick up new vocabulary through this game.

  • Sesame Street

This is almost the same as Hide and Seek. However, the one who hides is Elmo, and your kid has to look for him. To know where the red monster is hiding, he will make sounds. These sounds will serve as your kid’s clues in figuring out where Elmo is.

This game also lets kids talk to Elmo and learn the word of the day.

  • Silly Things

Another interactive game that encourages children to move and be active is the Silly Things.

In this game, Alexa will tell the kids to do different actions, like acting like an angry lion or pretending to have just eaten something spicy. Alexa might even ask them to pretend like they are taking a selfie, act as if they are climbing a rock, or even walk as zombies do.

Unlike playing on a smartphone or a tablet, where kids are not active, this game motivates them to move, which is beneficial to their health.

When playing Silly Things, kids can always ask Alexa to make them try something new.

Why You Should Have Amazon Alexa

Alexa Speech Recognition
Alexa Speech Recognition
  • You can ask Alexa different questions.
  • To check the weather before you leave the house for work or before your children leaves for school.
  • You can effortlessly convert confusing units of measurement without the need for a scientific calculator.
  • To get the daily headlines and news updates.
  • You can have an idea about the latest traffic situation so that you can plan your route ahead and avoid getting stuck in traffic.
  • To get help in solving math equations faster and get accurate results.
  • To keep your kids busy while you are doing something.
  • So that you may easily know the weather forecast.
  • To know nearby restaurants.
  • You can make your online shopping easier.
  • Alexa can remind you of upcoming events in your calendar so that you won’t miss anything.
  • You can set, stop, or snooze an alarm without having to get your phone.
  • To set a timer for when you are cooking something, and you don’t want it getting burned.
  • Alexa can effortlessly verify information.
  • To watch videos and stream movies available on the Internet.

Related questions

  • Are Alexa and Siri the same?

Yes, in the sense that they are both personal virtual assistants that can help humans with their daily tasks.

  • Aside from children’s games, can Alexa also play adult group games?

Yes, Alexa can also play games for adults, such as Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle, True or False, Hanagram, Categories Game, Song Quiz, and the list goes on.

  • Can Alexa also play Freeze Dance?

Yes, Alexa can also play the game Freeze Dance with your kids. To know more about this, check this article about how Alexa can play Freeze Dance.

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