Can Adults go in Bounce Houses?

Can Adults go in Bounce Houses?

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Inflatable sweeper twister game for both kids and adults
Inflatable sweeper twister game

Talking about bounce houses lets you recall those great-looking inflatables and all childhood memories you still cherish even up to these days. These are the fancy castles and other big house designs where kids slip and slide and have all the fun they could ever have with their friends. Yet, can adults go in bounce houses, too? Or are they just for children?

Inflatable bouncy castles and houses are designed not just for kids. Even those used on kids’ parties have an allowance to accommodate adults to attend to the children inside. There are also bounce houses especially made just for adults to have fun at parties and other events.

There are rental companies in the US that specialize in adult inflatable bounce houses. Many adults who just want to have pure fun in the comforts of their homes hire the services of these companies for their desired design. Company outings, adult birthday parties, or any other adult gatherings and events even call these rental companies to hire adult inflatables.

In some cases, rental companies offering bounce houses for hire to kids’ parties also have large inflatables that are designed for adults too. So the next time you visit these companies for your kids’ party, try to inquire if they offer inflatable houses for adults. In this way, you can save time or even get discounts if you rent adult inflatable bounce houses and water slides from the same company.

Adult Bounce House Designs for Grown-Up Parties and Events

bounce house / playground for adults
Beautiful inflatable playground

It’s fun to know that adults have their own bounce houses to enjoy during adult gatherings. However, it is even more exciting to know that there are different adult bounce house designs for grown-up parties and events to choose from.

Depending on the kind of event you want to go for, select what specific bounce house design you want to hire from rental companies. There are inflatable designs for adults based on gender, interests, sports, and leisure categories.

Here are some of these adult bounce house designs you can choose to rent for your next event.

Soccer Darts

Men of the same interest in sports will love the idea of getting an inflatable soccer darts into the party. Since soccer football is so popular with people, especially men of all ages. The male groups love the idea of getting this inflatable giant bounce dart house into their event where they can kick the velcro-covered ball to hit the dart target. This is a cool and fun soccer-dart game made into an inflatable design.

Giant Inflatable Soccer Field

The soccer football craze is not just for the National Football League or NFL. If you want to have a surprise party for your footballer friends, then the giant inflatable soccer field is a great source of amusement and excitement for everyone. 

Just make sure you have enough space at the party’s venue to accommodate this giant inflatable soccer field for all of your soccer friends to enjoy playing. This bouncy thing will save you a lot of time preparing for the actual field. It is even more fun knowing that it is a giant inflatable field. So cool and amazing, isn’t it?

Shooting Stars Basketball Shootout

Are you hanging or partying around basketball players and fanatics? Then the inflatable shooting stars basketball shootout is definitely a great source of fun for everyone. This bouncy stuff comes with the dual free throw and own basketballs ready for every blast. 

Aim for that three-point shot. Gain more friends at the party by enjoying this all-time favorite game. This is not just for the male group, but even for females, too. Play this most popular and best-loved game in its amazing bounce house design.

Shark Slip and Slide

Did you love slides during your childhood years? Then, this inflatable stuff will make you slide with a twist. This is actually a water slide that’s great for shark lovers. It is also ideal for those who want to experience what it’s like being in a shark’s tummy. 

To do this, you have to dive with your head first into the white shark’s jaws. Then, you can glide all the way through that exhilarating ride. This unique water slide is great for summer fun with family, friends, and even colleagues.

All in One Sports Arena

Are you planning to have a party with friends from various fields of sports? Or do you just want to have fun with the whole family or friends in a sport-themed event? Then, this all-in-one sports arena is a great must-have inflatable for you. 

Play your favorite sports in this arena. You can go for basketball, volleyball, twister, joust game, dodgeball, or perform the end zone touchdown dance. This is filled with eight different to show what you’ve got for your friends and family.

Bungee Run and Joust Combo

Men who love active play will surely love the Bungee Run and Joust Combo inflatable. Run as fast as you can towards the finish line once you put your cord vest on. You or your opponent may zip back into the inflatable wall upon losing momentum. This is a great source of laughter for the players and the audience.

Nine Hole Putt-Putt Golf Challenge

Golf lovers will truly be enticed playing with this inflatable. This has a classic golf course look in a rotating windmill with nine challenging and creative golf lanes. Consisting of 12 golf balls with 12 colored ones, the players will surely have a great time with this golf inflatable.

Eight Element Obstacle Course

This inflatable obstacle course is great for large events. For groups enjoying obstacle games, this is the perfect entertainment. Adults and kids alike can play in this inflatable bouncy castle obstacle course.

Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Grown-ups can also enjoy themselves in the inflatable bouncy castle. This is another way of cherishing and even reminiscing childhood memories. Moms who have younger kids can even let them play inside. This is ideal for everyone.

Adults have all the time in the world to have fun and enjoy life. These inflatable bounce houses are designed to give them the kind of recreation to unleash the youthful spirit in them.

Couple in adult water slide
Couple in adult water slide

Related Questions

  • What age groups usually rent bounce houses for adults?

Bounce houses for adults are usually hired for birthday parties and other events for people with ages ranging from 30-40 years old. Obstacle courses and other sports-themed inflatables are even hired mostly by men with ages ranging from 30-50 years old. Some companies note that other inflatables are good for families or groups of various ages.

  • Do these rental companies for grown-up inflatable bounce houses have liability insurance, in case something unpleasant happens?

Yes, these rental companies offering inflatable bouncy houses and other stuff for adults have liability insurance that gets you covered whenever something bad happens.

  • Is there a licensed technician ready to troubleshoot or perform fixes whenever something happens with the inflatables?

Yes, all units will be installed by qualified professionals from the rental company you hired. These qualified individuals will be there to supervise the units throughout your event. They even have their own emergency rescue team that they can call immediately if an unavoidable condition happens.

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