How to Protect Grass from a Water Slide

How to Protect Grass from a Water Slide

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Yong girl on a water slide
Yong girl on a water slide

A bounce house or a water slide is said to ruin the beauty of the grass or lawn. This mostly happens during the hot summer months. Yet, knowing how to protect grass from a water slide is a smart way to keep your lawn healthy while letting your kids enjoy the blasts.

Selecting the Proper Tarp

Is water slide really the culprit? How do we protect the grass from water slide bouncing and splashes? There are four ways to do that: by selecting the proper tarp, choosing the right site to set up, post-slide lawn watering, and moving it away from the lawn if it will be used for several days. 

Before you start setting up a bounce house or water slide on your lawn, you place a tarp first. These tarps could be dark or light in color. commercial tarps can either protect or damage the inflatable water slide if you choose the proper kind of tarp. If not, it can damage your lawn.

Avoid black tarps as they absorb heat. This heat absorption, along with the summer’s low moisture and high heat usually leaves that brown or yellow grass where the tarp and water slide were set up. 

Choosing the Right Site

Do not put water slides on your ground’s “high heat areas.” These are the sites with very little or no shade at all. These are simply not suitable for inflatable water slides. 

Look for a healthier portion of the grass that has been recently or even regularly watered. The healthier the grass is, the more resilient it is for potential damage. 

Post – Water Slide Lawn Watering

Once the inflatable water slide has been removed from your lawn, make sure to water the grass where it has been set up. Do this especially if you notice grass discoloration or if the lawn becomes too dry.

Moving it Away from the Lawn for Long Term Use

You may have purchased an inflatable water slide that you want to keep it for the while summer season or even year-round. Then, you have to find the right location for it. Place it in the corner of your lawn with very healthy grass.

Set it up in a part with shade or not being exposed to too much heat. You even need to thoroughly and regularly clean your water slide to protect your children from the spread of germs. This will also help you keep your water slide from early damages that may not happen if maintained regularly.

The Bottom Line

Inflatable water slides are not really the exact factor that can ruin your lawn grass. The heat of the sun is the primary culprit here. The weight of the inflatable water slide and the pressure it applies to the ground in every movement or slide may cause little or no damage at all. This depends on the other factors mentioned above.

Protecting Grass During the Summer Season

A well-kept lawn

You don’t have to wait for a water slide issue on a lawn grass to start maintaining your lawn. Protecting your grass and even maintaining it is really necessary during the summer season. 

These are usually done in two simple ways. One is through regular mowing. The other one is to water your lawn deeply.

Mow Regularly

Mowing helps you create a lawn that’s very pleasing to the eyes.  As you don’t want your lawn to be a meadow or a forest, mow it regularly to an appropriate height. You just have to make sure to maintain the mower properly, keeping its blades sharp. This is to prevent grass from being damaged. 

Make sure to pull out the weeds with seed heads. You can also bag your clippings. You can use these for composting. These are free nitrogen so you can use them for having a healthier lawn and even soil.

The summer season is indeed a dry season so it is advised to cut your lawn up to four inches tall. This prevents excessive evaporation. It also protects the grass from wind and in shading its own soil.

Water Deeply

Having a healthy grass means it is resilient to drought. Deep watering lets grass grow deeper into the soil. Its deep growth protects water from evaporation. This not only keeps your soil healthy but even lets you save water. 

Infrequent watering suits best for the established lawns. However, for the newly seeded areas or the freshly sodded lawns, you have to follow some specific instructions to improve the health lawns.

Are weeds a problem to your lawn? Pulling is a great option but not all the time. Other ways include covering it, promoting soil’s culture, fertilizing the soil, and developing taproots. You can also use natural and even chemical solutions but avoid toxic herbicides.

Preventing weeds from coming out is also the same as preventing patchy lawns. Improving soil health for the turf grass to be in ideal conditions, the weeds will no longer have its functional use. The grass will eventually choke out these weeds.

More Party Games on Grass

A healthy grass on your lawn may not only be suitable for water slides and bounce houses. The lawn is even ideal for games with the family and other participants during parties and special events. These include cup to cup, sponge toss, sponge run, water bottle toss, kiddie pool toe diving, water balloon dodge ball, water balloon toss, water balloon volleyball, and water balloon hot potato.

There are other water games you can play using a sprinkler, such as a sprinkler red light green light and sprinkler sharks and minnows. There are also games just to get wet. Or you can create your own combination of cool games for your Water Olympics.

Related Questions

  • How much space do I need for the water slide?

Water slides vary in size. For the standard size, you should have at least 25 inches by 20 inches, inclusive of the 5-inch additional space allowance. Your household electrical outlet should be accessible within 50-100 feet in range from the setup.

  • How do I prepare the area if I want to rent/hire a water slide for the party?

The area must be free from animal wastes, stones, sharp sticks, and large debris. Turn off your residential sprinkler system if the water slide will stay overnight. 

  • Do rental companies set up water slides on unprepared set sites/locations?

No. Your area must be prepared before these rental companies start setting up the water slide.

  • Is there a fee to have a rental company prepare the area for set up whenever I want to, as I am really busy?

Yes. In cases where some water slide rental companies may grant your request, you can pay an average preparation fee of $25 for the site to be ready for set up.

  • How does the water slide stay inflated?

Inflatable water slides have fans that plug into standard electrical outlets. The high output of these fans ensures the proper firmness of the water slides.

Father helping young son on a water slide
Father helping young son on a water slide

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