The Balloon Formula: How Many Balloons do You Need?

The Balloon Formula: How Many Balloons do You Need?

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Colorful Balloons
Colorful Balloons

Decorating your venue with balloons is one way of making your party stand out. It can be put as decorations on your chosen venue’s floor, walls, and stage. But do you have any idea on how many balloons you need for your party?

Not only do they make the place beautiful, but they also add charm to the entire party. So how many balloons do you need? There is no exact number. The number of balloons you ought to buy and you should decorate your party’s venue with depends on your budget and on how big or small the place is.  

It wouldn’t be nice to decorate a 40 square meter party venue with hundreds of balloons. Remember, they are only meant to add appeal to your party. The number of balloons should not be overwhelming.

How to Know How Many Balloons You Need for a Party

Party with Balloons
Party with Balloons

Organizing a party is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of factors – time, date, place, menu, program, number of guests, and the party theme.

However, you must not forget that your budget for the party is the most important thing to take into consideration.

That is because being able to buy all the different stuff that you need for the party will depend on the money that you have. No matter how you plan for it, if you don’t have enough means, you will not be able to execute what you have been conceptualizing about the party.

Balloons are one of the most essential things to have at a kid’s birthday party. In fact, a children’s party will not be complete without them. They make any party venue extra pretty because of the charm that they add.

But how do you know how many balloons you need for a party?

First, determine your budget. Effective party planning comes with knowing how much your budget is first. 

No matter how you plan for the party, if you have limited means, then you will not be able to execute everything that you are conceptualizing. What if you want balloons, but your budget is only good for food? Or what if you only have a little extra to spend on balloons?

Second, know how big or small the venue is. If the place is big, then you will be needing a lot of balloons to decorate it. 

But what if the venue is just small? Let’s say it’s just big enough for 30 people. Decorating it with around a hundred of balloons will just make it awkward. So make sure that the number of balloons is just right for the size of the venue.

Different Types of Balloons

  • Air-filled Balloons

As the name suggests, this type of balloons are filled with just plain air. Because of that, these balloons cannot float or fly in the air. Instead, they are just used to make different figures. In addition, because they cannot float, these balloons are best used as decorations on the floor. Air-filled balloons are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

  • Foil Balloons

This balloon type is also available in different colors, sizes, and shapes and has a shiny finish. Unlike air-filled balloons, helium is used to fill foil balloons.

As a result, they have an extended deflationary time. They can stay afloat for hours during your party. Some foil balloons are plain, while some come with cool patterns and pictures. So if your party has a theme, you can easily look for foil balloons that would match it.

  • Helium-filled Balloons

Unlike air-filled balloons, helium-filled balloons float in the air. These are the typical balloons that you see. A helium-filled balloon is attached to either a string or a plastic stick to keep it in place and to prevent it from flying away.

In addition, because balloons filled with helium can easily float and fly, they are sometimes used with decorated weights to keep them in place. These balloons are best used on top of party tables to enhance their design.

  • Latex Balloons

These balloons are the tear-drop shaped ones. They can be filled with either air or helium. They are also available in many different colors as well as patterns.

Latex balloons are environment-friendly because they are made from trees that produce latex. But these trees are not cut. In fact, because they are left undamaged, they can still produce latex for more or less 40 years.

  • Letter Balloons

Not only do balloons come in different shapes and sizes; they come in the form of letters, too. These balloons are also available in different colors and sizes.

Unlike all the other types, letter balloons are meant to be used to spell different greetings, such as “happy birthday,” “congratulations,” “happy anniversary,” and a whole lot more. This type of balloons can either be placed on the wall or tied to a string.

  • Metallic Balloons

Because they are chic and glossy, these will definitely add a touch of sophistication to any event. They are usually filled with helium. And just like the other types, metallic balloons come in a variety of colors as well.

  • Pearlized Latex Balloons

These balloons shine like pearls. Unlike the metallic balloons which are reflective, Mylar balloons have a glazed and pearl-like finish. They also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Interesting Facts about Balloons

Balloon Facts
Balloon Facts
  • Latex balloons are eco-friendly.
  • In 1985, Russian astronauts used helium balloons to release scientific instruments into Venus’ atmosphere.
  • During the 1970s, metallic silver balloons were created for the New York City Ballet.
  • In 1783, Jacques Charles designed and created the very first hydrogen-filled balloon.
  • When rubber balloons were not yet invented, people used to fill animal intestines as well as pig bladders with air.
  • In 1824, Michael Faraday invented rubber balloons, which he used to keep gases.

Why Use Balloons at Kids’ Parties

Kids Holding Balloons
Kids Holding Balloons
  • Balloons brighten up any parties and other events.

Because balloons are colorful, they add a pop of color to events and parties. Aside from giving a feel of festivity, they also transform any venue and make it more cheerful and bubbly.

  • Balloons amuse children.

Any kid’s face will surely brighten up when they see balloons. They are amazed not only because of their colors and sizes but also because they think that balloons can fly.

Related Questions

  • Is helium safe?

No. Because helium is an asphyxiant, meaning it can cause unconsciousness and suffocation, it is not safe. So don’t ever try breathing in helium because it is very dangerous.

  • Why do balloons filled with helium float?

Helium is much lighter compared to oxygen and nitrogen, and this causes helium-filled balloons to float and fly.

  • What happens to a Latex Balloon when it flies?

When latex balloons reach 23,400 feet in the air, they freeze and break into smaller pieces. These pieces return to the ground.

  • Are balloons only used for parties?

No. In fact, they are used in the field of medicine, too. In a medical procedure called angioplasty, tiny balloons are placed into a blocked vessel to expand the blood vessel wall and to get rid of the buildup of plaque.  

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