Can You Face Paint on Paper?

Can You Face Paint on Paper?

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Girl with face paint
Girl with face paint

Face painting is indeed an exciting hobby. If you have that natural passion for art and creativity, then, you can start practicing face painting with its DIY kits. Another interesting thing about this is that you can turn your crafts into a business.

Trying to face paint for the very first time can be thrilling. However, you have to follow all the guidelines and suggestions on DIY kits. Working on various materials can be fun; but if you want to face paint on paper, refrain from doing so as paper just doesn’t mix well with the face paint and water.

There are paper variants that you can actually use if you are thinking about getting economical while practicing face painting. You can use either wax paper or freezer paper. You may also use table mats that are made of plastic.

Mastering your way to a successful face painting hobby and business requires more practice. It can also mean more money to spend on these practice materials. So, why not start practicing on paper first?

You can actually use paper just for laying down the design that you currently have in mind. You can use markers or colored pencils on paper to do this. Once done, you can laminate the paper to apply face paint on it. 

This is just one way of being more creative while staying cost-effective on your face painting practice. There are other ways to practice this type of painting with different materials to work on. These materials will help you improve your work. 

Practice your way to perfection to make money out of it. Some of the materials may cost you more than the others. However, you have the option to use whatever you can afford to make your face painting a breeze.

Here are the different materials that you can use for your face painting goals.

Practice Heads

This is almost like a real human head that is made from soft silicone or vinyl. You can practice here without using a model. These practice heads are very durable. You can even practice on it with annoying kids around. 

You can have one practice head for one design. You may also go for two or more practice heads for displaying more of your creative designs. Though these practice heads cost a little more than the others, the ease and convenience it brings to you is actually worth more than the money you spend. 

However, just remember that the texture of these heads is different from real human skin. For this reason, you need to adjust your water ratio to create the perfect and even base coat using a sponge. 

Face Boards

Face boards are coated with a sheet replicating the texture of the human skin. The material used in these boards is mainly plastic yet with high durability. Another interesting thing about using face boards is that it comes with different styles. 

You can choose from blackboards, maternity, or kids and adults’ faces. They are also easy to clean so working on water ratio is not an issue with the board’s texture. If you have to go on an art event, face boards can help you in creating and practicing with set designs. 

Printable Faces

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, this uses paper with markers or colored pencils just for lay-outing. After laying out on paper, you need to laminate the paper to have your face paints on it. 

Styrofoam Heads

These practice heads have “face shells’ that actually slip over the head. These act like silicone masks. Styrofoam heads are extremely affordable and widely available on Amazon and eBay.

Human Models

Practicing on your model’s arms gives a more realistic experience than working on any other medium. However, this is not recommended for the novice or beginner painters. Passionate face painters even do this on their own faces. 

You just have to make sure you know how to actually play with the mirror. The designs are reversed in mirrors. Hand movements will also be different here than with actual models. 

If practicing with human models is your thing, you may ask your family members and friends to have them on your list for your next face painting activities. Give these models a little reward for modeling in your practice sessions so they won’t run away whenever they see you around.

What Face Painting Designs are Suitable for Fresh Starters?

There is no required medium to start practicing how to face paint as a newbie painter. This same rule also applies to the face painting designs suitable for fresh starters. However, these are just some of the recommended designs you can start with since they are popular and easy.

  • Unicorns – an all-time favorite for newbies
  • Crowns – circle designs and lines here are easy to make
  • Tigers – most popular with boys with its orange/white base or even a more colorful one
  • Flowers – Trying to master flower design that is double dipped, opens up more creative designs
  • Spiderman – To make things easier, start learning on a single eye version that is smaller than usual 

Regular practice makes things perfect. You can start trying out any of the suggested designs here. Or you can even try them all. Every artist is unique. The choice depends on you

Face Painting Safety Tips While Working With Kids as Your Models

Leaving the paint on children’s skin for hours can be sometimes scary as this can cause irritation. Here are some helpful tips when working with kids as your model.

  • Purchasing poster paint that is watered down is harmful. Stick to the two main face paint types.
  • Watch your model’s skin for rashes or any other form of irritation as you paint.
  • Apply a barrier cream once you notice skin irritations on your model’s face. 
  • If your model’s face gets an itchy reaction with the barrier cream, stop doing the face painting on the kid. 

Not all skin types are the same. Artists prefer to test them on the model’s arms or thighs before applying on the face. It is always best to practice safety measures while enjoying your artistic craft.

Related Questions

Can I use paper paint on my face?  

No. Paint for paper contains solvents and pigments that are poisonous to human skin. It may also contain dangerous chemicals, like cadmium compounds. 

Can face paint be used as regular paint?

No. Face paint doesn’t last like the regular acrylic paint. Depending on the way it reacts to the binding element of the medium used, it could either flake or fade easily. It is best to use cheap acrylic paint on paper mache or any other related medium.

What types of face paints are safe to use?

There are two main types of face paint that are safe to use. These are the normal face paint and the make-up compound. 

What other labels should I look for in buying face paints safely?

The normal face paint is liquid in nature and appears just like normal paint. Make sure the label has safety marks such as FDA, ACMI, or CE. This works best fairs, fun days, sports events and in schools.

The make-up compound is more of a make-up than paint in appearance. This is easy to use, just like applying real make-up on your face. However, it costs more than normal face paint.

So, what are you waiting for? Start face painting now!

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