Top 10 Entertaining Kid’s Party Indoor Games for Everyone to Enjoy

Top 10 Entertaining Kid’s Party Indoor Games for Everyone to Enjoy

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On the look for the best kid’s party indoor games? Continue reading to find out!

What are the best indoor games that kids will love?

Kids love parties. For them, parties are simply the best. Well, what’s to hate about spending time with their friends, laughing and playing?

But as a parent, hosting a kid’s party can be so stressful.  It feels like you have an epic responsibility that you don’t want to mess up.

While having the most delicious cake, most colorful balloons, and most mouth-watering foods will make the party memorable, preparing the best kid’s party indoor games will help you keep everything in place. This will keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. 

But what if you are hosting an indoor kid’s party? Will it be possible to have games?

Luckily, yes. There are actually a lot of entertaining indoor kid’s party games that everyone can enjoy. Perhaps, you will enjoy it yourself too. 

Whether you are looking for simple kid’s party indoor games or full-scale games for groups or families, saving the day has never been this easy.

Best Kid’s Party Indoor Games

Indoor parties pose a unique challenge since the games need to be contained. Keeping the kids entertained in a limited space is never as easy as letting them run around parks and playgrounds. 

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When it comes to kid’s party indoor games, it is better that you over-prepare than stressing out when the time has come. So, to help you prepare for an entertainment ready party, here are ten kid’s party indoor games to try.

1. Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt is one of the best kids’ party indoor games that everyone can enjoy. The good thing about this game is that adapting it is very easy, regardless of the theme of the party and age of the players. 

Just keep in mind that scavenger hunt and treasure hunt is not the same. They aren’t, and what sets them apart is in a treasure hunt, you give kids a map and pictures of what they’ll find along the way. For every clue they find, they receive a simple reward. 

On the other hand, a scavenger hunt involves giving kids a list of specific items to find in a particular area. The first one to find everything wins. 

Regardless if you choose treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for your kid’s party, what is important is that the kids will enjoy it even when they are indoors. If the kids aren’t familiar with the environment, having an adult to supervise them is needed. 

Entertaining the kids is one step easier with games.

2.  Balloon Relay Race

Balloon and running is always a good combination when it comes to kid’s party indoor games. Plus, this game doesn’t require too much material. Usually, the balloon you will be using for this game is exactly the balloons you’ll use as decor. 

To play this game, divide your guests or the kids into teams with four players each. Place two players of each team on opposite sides. 

The balloon relay game can be played in various ways. Others play it by placing an inflated balloon between their knees and jumping across the play space. Some prefer crossing the space with the balloon, but no hands are allowed. 

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Balloon relay is really fun, most especially when played in pairs. For example, a pair of players should go from one end to another with a balloon squashed between their heads, backs, or bellies. 

If not, each player can have an inflated balloon, and they have to race to the other side, sit on a chair, pop their balloon, and go back. The next person, inline, will do the same. The first team to get each player complete the task wins.

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3. Gift Stacking 

Who says that only the birthday celebrant can have fun with the gifts? Well, you can use the gifts as one of the kid’s party indoor games that your guests will surely love.

Before your kid unwraps all the gifts that he has received, use them for fun first. Make sure that all fragile items are separated before challenging the kids to create creative stacks out of them. 

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To play this game, equally divide each gift in number, size, and shape. Ask two players to come and sit back to back, with stacks of gifts in front of them. These two players will be playing as a team. 

Ask for a third player who will sit down in front of one of the two players. The third player will be the one to stack the gifts. 

When stacking, each gift must be connected with another gift, without using any other material. The player who can see what the third player has created must describe what the stacked gift looks like; the other player must recreate it. 

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4. Pass the Parcel

Unlike the first few games, Pass the Parcel is one of the best kid’s party indoor games that needs a little preparation. With this game, you’ll have to prepare a prize for the players.

The prize doesn’t have to be expensive. Something related to the theme or something that your guests will surely love is more than enough. 

Wrap the gift with lots of papers, aim for at least one layer for each player. If you have ten players, then wrap the gift with a paper of at least ten layers. 

To play, ask each player to sit in a circle. Play some fun music and let them pass the gift from one another. 

Once the music stops, the child holding the prize must remove the outer layer of the paper. Keep on playing until the prize is revealed. 

Also, you can insert a treat on each layer to excite the players. 

5. Doughnut on a String

If you are looking for extra fun kid’s party indoor games, you should try out this once. Doughnut on a String is a game that will definitely leave everyone laughing out loud. This game isn’t complicated at all that kids and adults alike can play it. 

To play Doughnuts of a String, tie a rope into something sturdy. Tie each donut with a ribbon for them to hang freely. Ensure that the length of the ribbon is good enough for the players to reach it.

Give the go signal. Each player must try to eat their donuts while preventing it from falling to the ground. The challenge is the players are not allowed to hold the donut with their hands. 

The first player to finish his donut wins. A prize isn’t necessary for this game since the doughnut can already act as the price itself. 

Hosting a party entails keeping the kids entertained to avoid any trouble.

6. Indoor Bowling 

If you have a wide indoor space, indoor bowling is one of the coolest kid’s party indoor games that you can have. This game isn’t only for kids; adults will surely enjoy this one too. 

When it comes to indoor bowling, a simple bowling alley is totally okay. You can even do it yourself, and only a few materials are needed. This includes flat floor space where your guests will play, ten soda cans or empty bottles, and a tennis or plastic ball

You will also need markers, tape, and spray paint. Ensure that the spray paint you are using is non-toxic since there will be kids involved in the game. 

To play Indoor Bowling, create a bowling lane using the tapes. Then peel off the labels of the soda cans or empty bottles and spray-paint them. 

Place the bottles at the end of the lane and arrange them the way you want it. Using the ball, ask the children to strike it.

Ideally, have someone fixed the cans or empty bottles since you can’t do it yourself during the party. This way, your guests can enjoy this game simultaneously with the other activities that you have. 

7. Indoor Obstacle Course

Usually, obstacle courses are played outdoors since it needs a lot of space. But really, you can also set up an obstacle course as on the kid’s party indoor games that you will be hosting. 

Even with the limited space you have, you can always set up an obstacle course in child-proofed areas. If you do not have a child-proofed area, it is necessary to avoid any injuries, especially when kids are involved in this activity. 

An indoor obstacle course is a fun kid’s party indoor game for kids of various ages and even adults. 

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The obstacle course doesn’t have to be complicated. You should only set up based on the space that you have. Also, modify the rules based on the changes that you have made. 

When giving out instructions for this game, be as specific as possible. Some obstacles might require a different way to cross through it than the others, so your clear instructions are very important. 

Finally, only give a point after a child or a team has successfully passed through an obstacle. The team with the highest number of points wins. 

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8. Balance Beam

Balance beam is one of the easiest kid’s party indoor games to set up. All it takes is colored sticky tape in various colors, and all your guests are set to enjoy for a few hours.

To play this game, you must first create some spacer. Create straight or curved lines to walk on using the tapes. 

Ideally, multiple colors of tapes should be used so that you can set different rules on how the players can walk on them. For example, a blue tape means that a player should walk with his hands on his shoulders, or if it is red, he has to walk then jump alternately. 

Make sure that the players will follow the specific instructions and should only walk on the tape. Once a player steps on the open land, then he is eliminated. 

The players who walk through all the tapes while following the instruction win.

Indoor games are one of the best ways to keep the kids entertained.

9. Bubble Wrap Races

Bubble Wrap Races is one of the funniest kid’s party indoor games that will leave everyone laughing. This game is good enough since it doesn’t need a lot of materials, but it brings a whole lot of fun. 

First things first, you’ll need a large roll of bubble wrap. In an open space, lay out a 5-foot piece of it, then let the players walk through it barefoot. 

The goal of this game is to let anyone cross the bubble wrap without popping a bubble. 

If you want to elevate things and make it more competitive, divide the players into teams who will race across the other side. The team that makes the last pop wins. 

10. Bucket Toss

Bucket Toss is another fun-filled game that you can have at your kid’s party. This one is exciting since the players will anticipate the prizes they will get as the game progresses. 

To play this game, line up six pails or buckets with labels from numbers 1 to 6. Put a price on each pail, from the smallest to the biggest. 

Have all the players line up. Each of them will toss up a ping pong ball on each bucket, starting from bucket number one. 

The player who will successfully toss the ping pong ball inside the pail will get the price and will no longer be joining for the rest of the game.


As a parent, sure enough, you don’t want your kid’s party to be a dud, but to entertain a bunch of toddlers and kids indoors is a very daunting task. While you spend most of your time choosing the decors, party favors, and foods, one thing remains clear and constant: The key to a fun party is on the games.  

Why? Simply because when the kids don’t throw tantrums during the party and are laughing, engaged, and entertained, everyone will enjoy the party. Everyone will go home laughing with lots of good memories made. 

 Do not forget to choose the best kid’s party indoor games that will keep all of your guests entertained. Remember, the party isn’t just about your child, not even you, but about the fun that everyone will have during the party.

Related Questions

What are the benefits of indoor games?

Indoor games come with several benefits. Just like outdoor games, indoor games also promo physical fitness.  Depending on the game, it can also help kids develop different skills

And, indoors is a safer and more comfortable space for kids, and you as well since you’ll be able to watch them. You feel secured since you’ll see what the kids are doing in just a glance. You won’t have mini heart attacks at that. 

Is an indoor party better than an outdoor party?

Indoor party and outdoor party are both good. They both have advantages and disadvantages. 

What is good about indoor parties is that you’ll be able to look out for everyone, especially the kids, since the space is limited. Its downside is that you won’t be able to pull off grand activities, not unless you have a huge indoor space. 

Another good thing about indoor parties is that it is less expensive, especially when you are hosting it at your house. Also, there’s no need for a lot of decoration at all. 

Finally, when it comes to indoor parties, you won’t have to think about the weather. Your kid’s party will indeed enroll out even when it rains or scorching since you are indoors and won’t be exposed to such elements.

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