12 Fun and Creative Craft Activities for your Kid’s Party

12 Fun and Creative Craft Activities for your Kid’s Party

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Are you looking for simple, cheap, and easy craft activities for your kid’s party? Check out this article to find out. 

What are the best craft activities that you can have for your kid’s party?

It’s a known fact that kids can misbehave and quickly get moody anywhere, even at a kid’s party. Although it’s their parent’s responsibility to discipline them, partly you are responsible too. 

In the first place, you should have prepared something that will keep them entertained. But how will you do it when their attention span is shorter than the heels of your shoes?

Thankfully, kids are into arts and crafts. They like to get messy and creative, which helps prepare craft activities for your kid’s party.

With it, you have something to keep them busy, and they are having fun too. It’s a win-win situation; the party can go on smoothly, and the kids are having fun at the same time. 

Craft Activities for Your Kid’s Party

Let the children have fun and be as creative as they can be. Give them the freedom to express themselves with these craft activities for your kid’s party. 

These craft activities are suitable for different ages and levels of skills. Some of them require more supervision, while others can be done independently by the kids. 

1. Custom T-Shirts

There’s a lot of options when it comes to kids’ craft T-shirts. Regardless of your choice, it’s still best if you ask the kids to bring their t-shirt. This way, you don’t have to guess and get the wrong size, and you won’t have to spend extra money on buying shirts too. 

Most probably, kids, ages four to six, do better with fabric painted shirts. If that’s the case, you will need the following:

  • Plain t-shirts
  • Fabric paints
  • Tape
  • Aprons or smocks
  • Stencils
  • Paper bags

Here’s how you will prepare this craft activity for your kid’s party:

  • In a large flat surface, lay out the plain t-shirts. 
  • Slip a paper bag inside each shirt to avoid the paint from getting through the other side of the shirt. 
  • Let the kids choose the stencil and colors that they want to use. 
  • Help the kids paint inside the stencil then let the shirts dry. 

2. Paper Crafts

Another good option when looking for craft activities for your kid’s party is papercrafts. 

If you are a big fan of scrapbooks, then you probably have a lot of ideas on how you can personalize a photo frame or card. Having wavy-cut scissors, stamps, paper scraps, and punches will surely make your kid’s party craft time irresistible to kids. 

There are different paper crafts that kids can pull off and enjoy doing. Just make sure that you prepare everything they need to make papercrafts. This includes glitters, construction papers, tapes, glue, glitters, and the like. 

Here are some of the papercraft ideas that you can prepare for your kid’s party:

  • Origami
  • Sailor hat
  • Mask
  • Kite
  • Airplane 
  • Paper football
  • Wreath 
  • Boat
How will you ensure that the kids will love the craft activities that you have in mind?

3. Friendship Bracelets 

If you are throwing a girly, glamorous birthday party, friendship bracelets are a good craft idea for kids. Making friendship bracelets is one of the most underrated craft activities for your kid’s party. 

What is good about friendship bracelets is that its materials aren’t expensive? In fact, it can be as minimal as a multicolored embroidery thread.

But if you want to have something fancier for the kids, you can glam it up with beads, string, clasps, and other doodads. For an added special touch, give each child a special charm to string on their bracelets. 

Not unless the kids already know how to make a friendship bracelet, having someone who can walk them through the entire process is necessary. 

When looking for supplies, most hobby stores sell different and beading kits. Most of them even come with instructions on how to make one. 

During the craft time itself, set a limit on each child to ensure that you never run out of materials. One or two friendship bracelets are already enough. 

4. Bead Crafts

If most kids are already old enough to handle small objects, this is perhaps one of the most flexible craft activities for your kid’s party. Bead crafts are flexible enough that it is even suitable for both boys and girls. 

Apart from that, bead crafts are also interesting because of how colorful and tactile it is. Kids will surely find it easy to create any craft using beads. Depending on the craft that you choose, it can be refreshingly tidy as well.

If possible, prepare more than one choice of bead materials for kids to choose from. This will give them more options on what bead craft they will make. 

It would also be better if you assemble a few crafts before the party, which they can use as their guide. Through this, you can give them a good visual to get an idea of what to make. 

Some of the bead craft ideas that you can suggest to them include the following:

  • Bookmark
  • Beaded zipper pulls
  • ID lanyard
  • Art crafts
  • Crown
  • Hair barrettes 

5. Recycled Craft Projects 

Now more than ever, kids are a lot more environmentally savvy. They care about the environment much more than we care for it back in the days. 

Having environment-friendly craft activities for your kid’s party is an excellent way to support their advocacy. This is also a good eye-opener for us to care more about the planet where we live.

If you want these types of craft activities for your kid’s party, then you should collect materials as early as you can. Doing so will help you save money as well. 

Kids can actually do a lot from recycled materials.  You can ask them to be as creative as they can by doing what they want. If not, you can set examples that they can replicate. 

Here are some ideas on the things that they can make out of recycled materials:

  • Miniature house out of popsicle sticks 
  • Jewelry 
  • Pencil container
  • Coin purse and pouch
  • Flower vase
  • Decorated jars
  • Hanging pots
What activities will keep the children behaved while having fun at the same time?

6. Magnet Art

If you are looking for craft activities for your kid’s party that both children and parents will enjoy doing, magnet art is definitely a must-try. Actually, magnet art is a solid choice, not just because children love it, but because their parents can display it as well. 

On your side, as the host of the party, it’s versatility is favorable for you. All you have to do is to come up with a magnet art theme that will fit your kid’s party. Perhaps, you can have it aligned to your kid’s party theme. 

For example, if your kids can come up with animal magnets for a jungle-themed party. If it’s an ocean-themed party, they can create sea creature magnets at that. 

When it comes to magnet arts, basically, you have to prepare the following materials:

  • magnetic backing
  • craft paper, along with shapes, craft foam, or clipart cutouts to fit the party theme
  • crayons or markers
  • glue sticks
  • craft foam, sponge shapes, craft paper, or clipart cutouts to fit the party theme

Also, here are some of the things to keep in mind if you have decided to have a magnet art station. 

  • To personalize the crafts, have the name of each child written on the magnet. 
  • Ask the children to decorate the paper or foam cutout.
  • If children use paints or markers, make sure that they are wearing smocks or aprons to protect their clothes. Sure enough, their parents wouldn’t be happy to see a stain on their child’s clothing. 
  • If possible, demonstrate how they will do it first before allowing them to do it themselves. 
  • After the activity, test out the crafts of the children. 

7. Kaleidoscopes

Can you still recall how much fun you had every time you saw a kaleidoscope back when you were younger?

If the party you are preparing is for older kids, these net gizmos are perfect for them. This is because these types of craft activities involve a more detailed direction. It requires more advanced cutting skills, as well. 

Making a kid’s kaleidoscopes comes in different forms. But generally speaking, the following materials are needed:

  • waxed paper
  • 3 small mirrors of the same size
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pencil
  • construction paper in multiple colors

If you have no idea how to make one, or if you want to demonstrate first how to make before having the kids do it, here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • Snip up the construction paper into small pieces. Make sure that a lot of colors are included.  
  • Form a prism by taping the mirrors together in a triangle shape. Ensure that they are completely intact from one another.
  • Cover one end of the prism with wax paper. Tape it in place nicely. 
  • Place the small pieces of construction paper inside. 
  • Place the kaleidoscope in standing upright position, with the closed end at the bottom. 
  • Look inside the open end of the prism; a dazzling spectrum will welcome you. 

8. Nature Crafts

Aside from making crafts out of recycled materials, nature crafts are also another excellent craft activity for your kid’s party. The kids will surely love the colors and textures that come in making nature crafts. 

There are nature crafts that are educational too. When explained properly, kids will definitely learn a lesson or two from it. 

But of all the things nature craft has to offer, the best by far is that it tells a story. Natural materials such as pine cones, flowers, stones, and seeds all have a story to tell.

How come?

As the party host, you can create a card that describes what the materials are and where they came from. Through this, kids don’t just create and have fun; they learn something about nature too. 

Another advantage of nature crafts is that you can actually save from it. Since some or most of the materials needed are from nature, you can just gather them around. 

Here are some nature craft ideas that children can do at your kid’s party:

  • Stick or wood picture frames
  • Wood or stick pencil holders
  • Pebble mosaic
  • Natural dyes
  • Bird feeder
  • Painted twig art
  • Pebble pendant
  • Pressed flower bookmarks
  • Flower crown and mandalas
  • Leaf chalk art
How about some papercrafts? Will the kids enjoy it?

9. Weaving 

Weaving is one of the best craft activities for your kid’s party. This is because weaving is an activity that is not just for kids; adults will also love it. 

As an ancient form of art, weaving is an activity known by a lot of people. 

To get started, kids can weave simpler things such as placemats and mini rugs. If they want to do more,  they can make baskets where they can store their party favors. Adult supervision is needed in this case, making it a fun bonding moment between children and their parents. 

Who knows, having weaving craft activities at your kid’s party might spark the children’s interest to do it anytime they want. This can be an interest that could last a lifetime. 

The materials that you can prepare for this activity can either be paper or natural. If you choose the latter, you’ll need things such as grass, strips of peeled bark, corn husk, etc. 

10. Cool Clay

If you really can’t come up with different craft activities for your kid’s party, cool clay might be the one you are looking for. 

With the wide range of homemade play dough and silly putty, children of different ages will definitely enjoy squishing and squashing around. 

Just make sure that their parents know about it ahead of time. Better yet, let put this ahead on the invitation. This way, they won’t be surprised to find playdough on their clothes or putty stain on the car seat. 

Usually, making a play dough needs flour, oil, alum, water, and salt. Mix all the dry ingredients while boiling the salt and water. Once it starts to boil, gradually add in the mixed dry ingredients. 

If you prefer to have silly putty, the materials needed include white glue and Borax. All you have to do is mix the two ingredients, and it’s good to go. No cooking or heating is required! 

11. DIY Pizza

If you want the craft activities for your kid’s party a little different from the usual, why not have a DIY pizza making station? 

 Have your guests, specifically, the kids, make their pizza. If you think this one is expensive, no, it isn’t. 

In the first place, you don’t have to prepare pizza dough for each one of them. Pita bread is a good substitute. 

More so, buying a lot of ovens isn’t needed. They can just grill it. Just make sure that they are supervised when doing so. 

Also, you don’t have to prepare fancy ingredients. The basic ones include tomato, basil, different types of cheese, bell pepper, and the like is enough already.

12. Wine Cork Crafts

If you love wine and have collected a lot of cork throughout the years, then this is a good idea. 

With it, these stoppers aren’t just given a new lease in life, but they will also keep the kids busy and entertained at your kid’s party.

There are a lot of things that kids can do with corks. They can make cork magnets, mini cork planters, plant identifiers, wine cork train, wine cork stamp art, and the like. 

This idea will save you a lot of money, too, since most of the crafts you can do out of it require minimal materials only.  Besides, the wine cork itself is free. 

But if you do not have a lot of corks, then perhaps, you can ask your friends and relatives to help you with it.


Having different craft activities for your kid’s party is very important to keep kids busy. With it, the likeness of kids throwing tantrums is decreased. 

But much more than these things, craft activities are a promising avenue for the kids to discover or develop their talents. 

As the host, make sure that what you are setting up is suitable for the kids’ ages. Also, do not disregard the safety of everyone who will attend. 

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How can I entertain the kids at a party?

There are a lot of things that you can do to entertain the kids. One of them is to set up craft activities where they can spend most of their time. 

Another option is to prepare games that will entertain them. Just make sure that the games are suitable for the ages. 

What crafts are trending this year?

This year, trending crafts include traditional hobbies, crochet eco crafts, and resin art. The set of organizing and digital arts are also in.

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