What to Write on a Kid’s Party Invitation Card

What to Write on a Kid’s Party Invitation Card

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What are the details that needs to be in an invitation card?

Writing your kid’s party invitation card is one of the most exciting parts of planning a party. This is because a  party invitation ensures that your expected guests know about the party. 

A kid’s party invitation card can be as simple as stating when and where the party will happen. Or, you can go all out and get creative with it. 

But if it’s your first time or you are not yet familiar with a kid’s party invitation card format, things can be a little more complicated. More so if you are working on a blank invitation or if you are making one from scratch. 

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know, including what to write when writing a kid’s party invitation card. 

What to Include on a Kid’s Party Invitation Card

A kid’s party invitation card teases and excites guests about your child’s big day. They make them look forward to the big event, so you have to make it as comprehensive and aesthetic as possible. 

Regardless if you’re sending it out for a girl’s birthday party or a boy’s birthday party for a pajama party, indoor camping and anything in between, including all the essential information, is a must. 

Here are the essential details that you have to include when making a kid’s party invitation card:

Kid’s Name and Age

It’s your kid’s party, so making him the star in the invitation is a top priority. Also, his age should be highlighted in the invites. 

When writing your kid’s name, you don’t have to include his full name. This is because, in most cases, your guests, who are usually your family and friends, already know about it. 

Including his age in the invite is of equal importance as well. After all, every birthday is a milestone worth celebrating for. 

Celebrant… age.. venue… What else should you include in a kid’s party invitation card?

Party Date and Time

When telling the party date and time, be as specific as possible. You can’t just say that your kid’s party will be on Sunday since there are a lot of Sundays. 

Generally, include the date, the day of the week, and the time. Include the time frame as well, if applicable. 

The date and time are essential elements in a kid’s party invitation that shouldn’t be missed. Without it, parents wouldn’t know and can clear their schedule for the party.


Where will you hold the party? Will you have it at your house? Are you renting a venue? Or is it in the local park?

Regardless of where it will be, including the venue of the party should be included on the kid’s party invitation card. It’s impossible for our guests to know and attend your party if you do not tell them where to go. 

Also, if your chosen venue is far or going there is tricky, including a map is helpful too. If not, you can just add directions on how to get there. 

RSVP Details

Do you require parents to RSVP? If so, include your name and your contact information on the invitation. Include the deadline for the RSVP as well. 

RSVP’s are very helpful when planning for a kid’s party. This gives you an idea of who will come and how many guests you will have. 

Traditionally, they are made through the mail. But today, with the advancement of technology, it can be done in numerous ways already. 

For example, they can already RSVP you through different social media channels. If not, they can simply call or text you. 

Other Information that Can be Included on a Kid’s Party Invitation Card

Is an invitation card really necessary? Well, yes!

Dress Code

If your kid’s party has a theme and you want all your guests to arrive in their favorite costume, including this information in the invites is a must. Having the dress code written on the invitation will help you achieve the kind of kid’s party that you are aiming for. 

Including it on the invitation also gives parents the time to prepare for a costume or a dress. Telling them what to wear a few days before the party isn’t reasonable at all. 

Dress codes can either be the following:

  • Best dress when it’s a fine dining restaurant 
  • Costume if it’s a themed party
  • Casual attire if it’s on the park

Special Instructions 

There are kid’s parties that require guests to prepare several things. In case your party is something like this, including your special instructions in the invitation, is necessary. 

You should indicate in the invitation what they should bring with them. For example, ask them to bring their towel and swimming attire if it is a pool party. 

If it is a sleepover, you can request them to bring their pillows and blankets. On the other hand, if you are preparing for an excursion, you can ask them to bring a tent, sleeping bag, extra food, and the like to them. 

Indicate if They Can Bring Other Guests or Not

Some parties are limited, while others aren’t. If you are working on a tight budget for your kid’s party and other guests can’t be accommodated, make sure that you put this in the invitation. 

Don’t think of this as an embarrassment. It is more embarrassing to have a lot of people, and you aren’t prepared for it. 

Borrowing money just to accommodate them isn’t ideal too. You’ll be the one to suffer in paying the debts in the long run. 

Besides, limiting your guests will make the party more intimate and meaningful.

Some of the words that you can include are the following:

No, siblings, please!

You are more than enough; a plus one is too much!

Please note that the party is exclusive and intimate.

An invitation card should contain all the necessary details a guest should know in order to come prepared to the party.

Indicate if Parents Should Stay or Not

If the kid’s party is literally for kids only, you may want to put this info on the kid’s party invitation card. If that’s the case, you can state that they can pick up their child at a specific time, when the party is about to end

If parents are to stay, you can include that in the invitation too. For example, you can write there they are welcome to stay, or there is separate food for kids and adults. 

Ideally, and if you have the budget, parents should be present at the party too. This will keep you away from getting blamed in case something happens to their child since you are responsible for every child at the party once their parents drop them off. 

Also, handling a lot of children isn’t easy. Having their parents around would make it easier for you to pull off the party.


A kid’s party invitation card is meant to make your guests excited about it. With this, do not forget to put everything they need to know about the party. 

Also, use upbeat words to make them even more excited to celebrate. Be as comprehensive as possible since a kid’s party invitation card is mostly one page only. 

Related Questions

Should I write anything on the envelope?

Aside from the name of the guests, their address, and the return address, you don’t have to write more on the envelope. But if you want to go extra, you can write phrases like “You’re Invited!” or “Let’s Party!”

How can you write a kid’s party invitation card where you want the parents to stay?

You can specifically write the name of the parents, but if you don’t know who the parents are, you can simply write, “Hannah and parents are invited.” Or you can also deliver it personally on their doorstep and tell them that they are invited to the party too.

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