Helpful Tips on Planning for Your Kid’s Birthday at School

Helpful Tips on Planning for Your Kid’s Birthday at School

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Are you planning to spend your kid’s birthday at school? How will you pull that off? Check out this article for helpful tips on how you can make it possible to organize your kid’s party at school. 

How will you prepare for your kid’s birthday at school?

A lot of kids, including your child, consider their birthday as their favorite holiday. And why not – the entire day is solely dedicated to them. The gifts that they will receive and their party itself makes them even more excited about the day.

With all the cake, balloons, singing, and presents, the day is even made more special. 

As a parent, preparing a kid’s party at school is overwhelming and stressful at the same time. With all the preparations needed, sitting down to relax seems so impossible. 

But it’s also exciting knowing that it’s your child’s special day. So, how will you pull off the best kid’s birthday at school ever?

Kid’s Birthday at School Planning Tips

Throwing your kid’s birthday at school during his preschool age is actually ideal. It’s stressful, yes, but it’s totally worth all your effort. 

Birthday parties are a big deal for kids. How will you make it memorable for your child?

Here are some tips to keep you sane while preparing your kid’s birthday at school:

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

A school birthday party wouldn’t be possible if you won’t coordinate with your child’s birthday. After all, it’s the teacher who knows the school’s policies regarding classroom parties. 

When talking to your child’s teacher, ask her how long you can have for the party itself. You should also ask how much time you have to clean up (yes, the aftercare is your responsibility too.)

Also, clarify to her if the activities you are planning are allowed or not. Learn about what decorations they approve. 

Above all, do not forget to know the number of guests you are expected to have based on the number of students. And of course, ask if there are students with dietary restrictions, too.

Make the Details Age-Appropriate 

When preparing your kid’s birthday at school, make sure that you don’t miss out on the kids’ age. Make everything age-appropriate, including the goody bags, activities, foods, and even the decors

If the age of the kids in school has a wide range, use your child’s age as the basis. Besides, considering the age of your child will help you figure out how many children you should invite. 

But since your kid’s birthday is at school, you are left with no choice but to prepare for everyone.

Organize the Activities

While keeping birthday activities spontaneous is fun, spending it at school is a different story. First and foremost, you have to schedule everything before proceeding with your plans.

In case there are a few activities involved, make sure that it won’t take much time. If possible, keep activities at a maximum of 10-15 minutes only. 

Remember, children have a very short attention span. So avoid activities that will make them wait for a while. 

On the other hand, if you planned something special, do it before the cake slicing. This will silently give meaning that the party is about to end. 

When it comes to birthday activities, you can have something like freeze dance, a craft station, coloring pages, and the like. 

Celebrating your kid’s birthday at school comes with certain rules that you have to follow.

Know When to Start and End

Since you are spending your kid’s birthday at school, knowing when to start and end is essential. Never leave your kid’s party open-ended. It will just confuse your guests and even your child if the party is over or not. 

The key to knowing when to end it is by knowing how a typical kid’s party last. 

If all or most, if not all, of the children are under five, the party should not be more than 90 minutes. Besides, you are at school, so keep it as short and as fast as possible to avoid interrupting their class for too long. 

You can also consult with their teacher at the time. Ask her when the best time is and how you can have it for your child’s birthday party.

Send Out Party Invitations

Having your kid’s birthday at school isn’t an excuse not to send out invitations. Your child’s teacher isn’t responsible for telling her students and their parents about the party. 

Always make it a point to send out party invites to your co-parents ahead of time. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple one. 

What is important is that they know that you’ll be hosting your kid’s birthday at school. With this, they know what to do as well.

You can anchor the kid’s party’s details, including the invites, based on the specific theme you chose. 

Purchase the Party Supplies in Advance

As elaborate as it seems, a kid’s birthday at school should be next to flawless. This doesn’t mean that everything should be perfect; rather, it is a reminder to plan things well.

Never underestimate the children’s capacity to notice the details of the party. A missing supply can ruin the whole thing. 

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you have all your party needs in advance. Be prepared with the decorations, order the cake in advance, and know what the activities are. 

When it comes to the decors, don’t forget to have balloons. Kids love it. 

Also, make sure that everything you buy is based on the theme of the party

But then again, do not go overboard. Keep the decors minimal to save money and time from putting them in and out. 

How will you ensure that everyone will love the party?

Create a Menu

The food you will prepare is probably the riskiest part of planning a kid’s birthday at school. While sandwiches are a go-to, making it can be time-consuming. 

For convenience, most parents choose to buy pre-packed meals. But if you prefer to make home-cooked meals, preferably, the foods should already be packed in disposable containers with the necessary utensils inside. 

When creating a menu, do not forget to check out if there are children with allergies and other dietary restrictions. This will help you plan what food to serve that is safe for everyone. More so, this will keep you away from being liable in case something happens. 

And since it’s a kid’s party, do not forget the party treats and staples that will make the children the happiest.

Prepare Party Favors

In every kid’s party, children look forward to the party favors. Well, you don’t have to splurge so much into this. A simple one will be so much appreciated already. 

A goodie bag with candies, cookies, stickers, and the like will make the kids happy. Giving away school supplies which they can use is also a good idea. 

Other than that, you can prepare something fun for them. For example, you can give away slime, bubbles, mystery packs, puzzles, stationeries, hair accessories, and even toys. 

It’s all up to you and your child as well. And of course, do not forget your budget.

Keep things simple yet fun. Everyone will surely have a good time.


Your kid’s birthday is a special day, so make it a memorable one. With the tips mentioned above, celebrating your kid’s birthday at school can still be fun. 

And while there are many ideas that you can do for your child’s birthday, do not forget to keep things simple. Do not make things complicated with over-the-top elements. Remember, it’s a kid’s party. 

Related Questions

Is it allowed to celebrate birthdays at school?

The answer depends on the school’s policy in such things. Some schools allow birthday parties while others do not permit it. 

Check out with the school first, whether it is allowed or not. Do it in advance so that you’ll have enough time to plan for an alternative if it is not allowed. 

What are some excellent birthday snacks for school?

There are a lot of snacks that kids will love but always stick to the healthy options. You can prepare chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit and yogurt parfaits, popcorn, granola bars, Graham crackers, bread, muffins, etc.

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