Can You Put a Bouncy Castle on Concrete?

Can You Put a Bouncy Castle on Concrete?

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Children at parties and play areas love jumping, running, and having a bouncy castle around as this gives them lots of fun and enjoyment. This creates great excitement in every move. It even unleashes the children’s energy and positive behavior for socialization.

However, safety measures must be observed in using these bouncy houses in play areas as they can also impose risks to the kids. Bouncy castles are usually installed on grass but can sometimes be installed on concrete. Yet, for security purposes, most companies will not offer to install bouncy castles on concrete, especially on a windy day.

The use of bouncy castles outdoors also depends on the current weather condition. There are some companies that prefer not to install bouncy castles on concrete or tarmac, as this can cause danger to children. Other companies install these bouncy houses or castles on concrete depending on the wind speed.

During windy days, experts who specialize in this kind of playhouses prefer not to install them on concrete as these can be carried away by the wind. These can be very dangerous to children and have been the cause of death for some kids before. Safety is the top reason why these professionals will not agree to install bouncy castles on concrete, after all.

Finding the right company for your party needs requires a lot of research as this can either make or break your party excitement. Safety and security should not be at stake here. You should always make sure that everything is set up with all precautionary measures at work here for that great children’s playtime or party to happen.

Bouncy Castles for Hire Companies: How to Find the Best Services

Bouncy castles for hire companies can offer you various services for kid’s party needs. If you want to have these huge inflatable bouncy houses on your lawn or party venue, make sure you get into the right company with valuable services that prioritize safety and security for your children aside from all the fun it brings. 

Here are the top tips on finding the best bouncy castle for hire companies.

Research Thoroughly

Search for the various bouncy castle for hire companies online. Get to know them by visiting their own websites. Read reviews, feedback, or comments on the services they offer. Try to compare as many companies as possible that offer bouncy houses services near you. 

You may search for online forums and chat rooms exclusively for these children’s play and party services. Ask for recommendations from parents who have tried the service from various companies. Compare those that you think are up to your standards.

Remember that safety is your highest priority here. Do these companies have high regard for children’s safety, too? Read more. Call them to ask further questions. Ask your neighbors and friends for referrals.

Gather Complete Information

It is not enough to jump into a certain company for booking right away because a close friend or neighbor referred that to you. Be cautious. Remember that this is for your kids’ safety and not just for fun. 

Once you have shortlisted about three to five companies, visit their websites once again. Get all the important details that you can gather from each of these company websites. These may include company address, e-mail address and contact numbers, and other related stuff. 

Try to call each of these companies to ask further questions. Tell them that you are just inquiring. Don’t get caught off guard to sign up for their service immediately.

Once you get answers to your important questions, you can narrow down your list. Things like the company’s length of business, history, their expertise, their technicians’ qualifications, FAQs, and other related factors are just some of the basic criteria you need to weigh. Stop, think, and look before you leap.

Select from Reputable Companies

Once you have filtered down your search for the best possible company, make sure that these companies you are considering closely are highly reputable and have been in this service for long. How committed are they in rendering party services to customers? Do they have insurance for the services they are providing?

How will they handle emergency cases if anything goes wrong? Do they have professional employees who can take care of these bouncy playthings or emergency rescue within the vicinity while the party is on?

Professional Efficiency

This is all about how well-acquainted the company is and its employees in the products and services they offer. You can gauge their in-depth knowledge by digging deeper into their company history, background, and the services they offer. Knowing all the types of party products and bouncy playthings they have will also tell you if they are good enough to be hired.

The most competitive companies will provide you with all the information you need. You can even ask them about each of the bouncy houses and other products they have. They will tell you promptly every detail of each product and even let you see the difference in these products from one another.

This is to inform customers about the functionality of each product. This will also help them determine the right type of bouncy castle they need for the party. The age range of the children at the party also needs to be considered when hiring bouncy castles/houses

The Installation Process

Inquire about how the company will handle the installation process of these bouncy houses or castles once you hire them. If you want to hire them for a Saturday afternoon party, will their technicians be there at your place in the morning? How long will it take to be properly and even safely installed?

Are the technicians highly trained for this job? What if something unavoidable happens? Will there be professionals around while rendering services at the party? How quickly can their emergency rescue team possibly respond during such special cases?

Insurance and Safety Measures

Do not let the company choose the specific type of bouncy castle to be used for your kid’s party. Visit their office or shop if possible and handpick the item to be used. However, make sure that you know how old that bouncy castle is before taking your pick.

Once you notice that the company hesitates to give you clear answers about how old their bouncy playthings are, then you are taking risks. It is better to head on to another shortlisted company. Yet, be more careful at this time in finding answers to your important questions regarding safety and security measures.

Another thing to know is that whether or not the rental company pays for public liability insurance for its customers whenever an emergency happens during the party. This could be from unrevealed or previously unknown poor equipment conditions. 

Renting these bouncy castles or houses is quite amazing for kids. This gives more enjoyment to the party. However, make sure that they are properly installed. Following all the given tips here will make you a smarter parent and even a great children’s party organizer.

Remember that for the best and safest bouncy castle party use, they are preferably installed on grass. Bouncy castle on concrete may be possible for some companies. Yet, this is done within limits and caution.  

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