5 Tips on Planning Who to Invite at Your Kid’s Party

5 Tips on Planning Who to Invite at Your Kid’s Party

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Are you wondering who to invite to your kid’s party? Check out this article to find out. 

Who are the people that you should invite at your kid’s party?

As parents, throwing a kid’s party for our child is fun and exciting. We anticipate it so much and carefully plans it as if it’s our wedding day. 

On the other hand, our kids look forward to a kid’s party more than they do with Thanksgiving or the 4th of July

But this once in a year celebration can be overwhelming too with all the plans and details involved. What is even more overwhelming is deciding who to invite to your kid’s party. 

Before you slap down your credit card and go overboard your budget with a huge guest list, remember that a kid’s party can still be fun and memorable with a few important guests only. 

We understand the dilemma of cutting down your guest list. Seriously, this is one of the most stressful parts. 

Knowing Who to Invite on Your Kid’s Party

Here are five tips on how you can trim down your guest list and still be a gracious host.

Sad to say, you can’t invite everyone you know at your kid’s party.

1. Make an Official Guest List

Knowing who to invite is a crucial step in coming up with an official guest list. This task isn’t easy at all, so it’s okay to sit down for a while and take as much time as you need. 

Also, do not forget to involve your child when making a guest list. He might want to invite a few people he personally knows. 

Check it this guide which can help you decide who to invite on your kid’s party:

Family Members

If you have a big family, should you invite every one of them? Not necessarily. You can just invite your immediate family members or the ones you interact with often. 

When it comes to inviting family members, you should consider the age of children as well. You might consider inviting children who are the same or close to the age of your child. 

Classmates and Schoolmates

If your child is already old enough, he might have a list of people that he wants to invite, including his friends and classmates. Much more than the people you want to see at your child’s party, your child’s guests should always come first. 

Knowing who to invite in this case can be tricky. If your child belongs to a small class, you can just invite them all. 

But if it’s a big class that we are talking about, then this is entirely different. The thing is, leaving out some kids can create a big fuss inside their class. 

Your child’s uninvited classmates or schoolmates may feel left out or envious. This could make them question their ability to make friends. It can make them feel insecure. 

When such a situation arises, the best thing to do is to talk to your kid and not give out invitations in school. Instead, address the invitation to the child’s home or, better yet, give it directly to their parents. 

Be open with your child and ask him not to talk about the party in class. Try asking the parents of the other kids too to ask their children to keep the pre and post-excitement chit chat by themselves to avoid hurting those who weren’t invited. 

Closest Friends and Playmates

Children are good at making friends, and they end up with a large social circle. But this doesn’t mean that you should invite them all. 

You can just invite your child’s closest friends. Perhaps, choose those he constantly interacts with. 

Finalizing your guest list is one of the most challenging parts of organizing a party.

2. Know Your Budget

Knowing who to invite will be a lot easier if you know exactly how much budget you have for the party. Although you want your kid’s party to be the best, splurging too much on it isn’t practical. 

Instead, work with a conservative budget and stick with it. If you need to cut down some things, then do it. 

Knowing your budget will help you figure out how many guests you can have at the party. With it, you can figure out who to invite so that you won’t go beyond what you are capable of. 

Sure enough, you wouldn’t want to have a lot of guests and end up running out of food. That would be very shameful to you and your child. 

So, know your budget first, then cut down your guest list. 

3. Finalize the Venue

The venue plays a big part in figuring out who to invite to your kid’s party. Finalizing this before anything else will help you know how many people you can invite. 

Come up with a guest list based on the capacity of your venue. An overcrowded kid’s party isn’t ideal. Remember, it’s a kid’s party, and kids need a lot of space to play and have fun. 

Having too many guests that go beyond the capacity of the venue can ruin your child’s party. So, consider the limit of your venue when making a guest list. 

4. Choose a Theme

A kid’s party will bring out your creativity. And, a little creativity can help you limit your guest list.

For example, throwing a handsome-in-blue party for your son is a good excuse only to invite little boys. This will make the party exclusive for boys alone. 

Another good option is to go with a movie premiere theme. With this, an ADMIT ONE movie ticket invitation will help you limit your guests. 

Your guests will have to present the invitation to enter the party. If you choose these, let them know that one invite is equal to one person only. 

This scheme will prevent you from having more guests than expected. 

will your child be happy when he sees the people you have invited?

5. Send Out Specific Invites

When creating and sending out invitations, see if what you are sending is addressed to a specific person only. 

But since it’s a kid’s party, it is expected that children will come with a guardian. So indicate in the incitation the number of seats that are reserved for them. 

Doing so will prevent parents from bringing other people with them. This gives a hint that the party is limited to a few people only.


As a parent, a kid’s party really excites us. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to spend too much or hurt the feelings of others. 

When figuring out who to invite, make sure that you consider the entire scenario. Do not leave out details, which might affect the whole party later on. 

Knowing exactly who to invite will make it easy for you to plan and organize the party. But then again, stick to your budget and be sensitive to others. 

Related Questions 

Do I have to invite all our relatives?

As mentioned above, you don’t need to invite all of them. If you have no idea who to invite among them yet, try making a list of your relatives that you actually interact with most of the time. 

This will help you figure out who you really should invite among your relatives. 

How do you decide who to invite to your child’s birthday party? 

Deciding who to invite to your child’s party depends on how big your family’s social circle is and how much budget you have. Ask your kid what kind of party he wants as well. 

Remember that you don’t have to invite everyone you know. Just choose the people who you interact with often. And of course, pick those who will make your child happy once he sees them.

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