Do You Tip Birthday Party Entertainers?

Do You Tip Birthday Party Entertainers?

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Clown with Children
Clown with Children

What birthday party entertainers do is something that’s not easy – to entertain kids and to keep the party lively. But are you supposed to tip birthday party entertainers?

One way of showing your appreciation to people for doing a great job is by giving them a reward or tip after doing their job really well. It’s not mandatory; but if you threw a party for your kid, and you hired birthday party entertainers, there is certainly nothing wrong with showing your gratitude by tipping them for giving an entertaining performance.

As mentioned, giving tips is not required. It is also not expected by birthday party entertainers. But then again, they still appreciate and will certainly not turn down tips when given to them.

Besides being an effective way of showing appreciation and gratitude, it’s the fuel that motivates birthday party entertainers to do even better.

Tipping Birthday Party Entertainers

Mother Handing a Tip
Mother Handing a Tip

One important factor in throwing a birthday party is the entertainer, who can also make or break the birthday party. The birthday party entertainer makes the difference between a lively and exciting party and one that is dull and boring.

Birthday party entertainers also save the celebrant’s parents from the stressful task of keeping guests, especially kids, entertained. After all, a kid’s birthday party without fun and games will certainly be boring and not memorable.

That is why parents usually spend extra dollars on hiring birthday party entertainers. They want to make sure that the party is fun – something that attendees would be talking about after and something that would give guests a memorable experience.

However, not all parents willingly tip the party entertainers that they hire. In fact, this issue has been a topic of several discussions.

While some parents practice this nice gesture that shows appreciation and gratitude, some parents still ask if they should give a tip to birthday party entertainers.

When you organize and throw a birthday party for your child, and you see that everything in the party went well, a huge part of the party’s success is most likely because of the birthday party entertainers. They not only made sure that everyone was enjoying and having fun but also helped to move the birthday party along smoothly.

In that case, it would not hurt if you would tip the entertainers at your child’s birthday party. Although it is not mandatory, it would still be a nice gesture to give your hired birthday party entertainers with something that would serve as a reward for their efforts.

Doing so would not only let them know that they are appreciated but also encourage them to continue doing well in their craft.

Guidelines in Tipping Birthday Party Entertainers

Bubble Show for a Birthday Party
Bubble Show for a Birthday Party
  • Know your budget. Ask yourself, if you are satisfied with their job well done, do you think your budget will allow you to tip your hired birthday party entertainers? Of course, you have to do this before they arrive at your party. If yes, allot an amount that is within your budget.
  • Take notice of your birthday party entertainers. Observe if they will arrive on time. Another thing that you have to pay attention to is if they are able to organize their performance well. The most important thing to observe, however, is whether or not they kept the kids entertained and the party lively.
  • Never allow yourself to be pressured to tip your hired birthday party entertainers. Although tipping is an effective way to show people that you are pleased with their performance, it is still under your discretion all the time.
  • Give if you have something extra to give, but if none, you may still show your gratitude for their job well done by doing other things that would make them feel appreciated.
  • Of course, before you decide on hiring entertainers for your child’s birthday celebration, you have to know whether or not you have the means to do so. Tipping is a different thing. Being able to pay them is a more important issue that you have to settle before finally contacting entertainers for your party.

Another important issue is when your kid’s birthday party is over, perhaps some people would like to know and would ask you if you tipped the birthday party entertainer. They might even go as far as asking how much you gave them.

But you have to keep in mind that it is not required of you to let other people know regarding this matter, especially if you are uncomfortable letting them know.

But then again, the reason why they might ask is probably because they want to know if they have to do the same as well as how much they need to give when they also hire birthday party entertainers.

There is nothing wrong if you don’t feel like telling them, but there is no problem if you let them know as well.

Useful Tips in Hiring Birthday Party Entertainers

Face Painting Session
Face Painting Session

Aside from the food that you will serve, having witty and humorous entertainers on your kid’s birthday party celebration is one of the factors that can make your event impressive and memorable. If you have made up your mind and have decided on hiring birthday party entertainers, consider these useful tips so that you’ll be able to find the right ones.

  • Always look for birthday party entertainers who are good with kids.

Since you are throwing a children’s party, this one is the number one factor to consider. Not all party entertainers know the humor of kids as well as how to keep them amused. So it is important that you look for birthday party entertainers who have good reviews for their performance in kiddie parties.

  • It pays to read good reviews.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most effective ways to know if the birthday party entertainers that you will hire are going to be a hit is to consider reading reviews about them. This is important to know because keeping the party alive and entertaining guests, especially kids, is not an easy thing to do and maintain.

Taking the time to read reviews about birthday party entertainers will surely save your party from having dull moments.

  • Before the event, speak with your birthday party entertainer, and tell them what you specifically want.

Talk personally to them in order to specify the kind of entertainment you want. This will guarantee that everything in your kid’s birthday party will go smoothly and that all attendees and especially the birthday celebrant will have an unforgettable experience.

How to Know if Disposable Plates are Microwave Safe

Microwave Oven Safe Label
Microwave Oven Safe Label

More often than not, after a party, there will still be a lot of food left.  And before eating, you’ll want to rewarm them. However, before reheating something in the microwave, you had better make sure that the food container or disposable plates are microwave oven safe.

But if you don’t have any idea if they are safe to use in the oven, how will you make sure? To avoid risks of catching fire or dangerous chemicals leaking into your food, follow these helpful steps:

  • With a bowl of water (neither hot nor cold), place the disposable plate or other disposable food containers in the microwave.
  • For about one minute, set it on high.
  • After that, see if the disposable plate is hot.
  • If it is, then it is not safe to be used in the microwave.

Related questions

  • When tipping birthday party entertainers, is there a specific amount?

There is no particular amount that you should give. However, usually, 5% to 20% of their overall rate is ideal for tipping.

  • What information do I need to provide birthday party entertainers?

You need to give them details, such as your chosen time and the date of your event, the venue, the number of kids, as well as the services you want to get (magic bubbles show, face painting, puppetry, and the like).

  • There are different types of disposable tableware. How do I know which ones are microwave oven safe?

Usually, disposables have a “microwave oven safe” or “microwaveable” label. To know more and get more facts regarding disposable tableware, check this article about disposable plates and cups.

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