How to Console a Child Who’s Not Invited at a Kid’s Party

How to Console a Child Who’s Not Invited at a Kid’s Party

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Your child won’t be invited to every single kid’s party. This isn’t only applicable to his childhood, but to his entire life at that. As a parent, you must learn how to console your child when he is not invited to a kid’s party. 

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What will you do if your child is not invited to a kid’s party?

Children are big fans of kid’s parties. They want to attend every kid’s party they know, but unfortunately, that’s not how it goes. 

In real life, they won’t be invited to some parties. As heartbreaking as it sounds, you can’t expect your child to get an invitation to all kid’s parties in town. 

As an adult, you might just shrug it off. But to kids, this is a big issue, and more often than not, they need a little consoling. 

Being a child who isn’t invited to a kid’s party hurts. After all, it isn’t just about the party. It’s also about being left out. So, how will you console your child then?

What to Do When Your Child Isn’t Invited to a Kid’s Party?

what to do when my child is uninvited to a kid's party?
How will you console your child?

Sad to say, not every child can be invited to a kid’s party. This might break their heart hard, but you can always do something to make them feel lighter and better. 

As a parent, there’s nothing more painful than helplessly watching your child go through social exclusions. But then again, you are a parent, and you can’t just let your child down.

Here’s how you can console your child that isn’t invited:

Validate Their Feelings

Your child is already hurt for not being invited, not caring about what he feels will make him more upset. In case he opens up the topic, listen to him, allow him to rant, and in the end, explain to him the possible reasons for not being invited. 

Normally, your child will rant about it, not just for hours, but maybe for days or weeks. It might be tempting to not listen to him for saying the same old thing for countless times in such a case. 

But really, shrugging off his feelings will do no good to him. It will just worsen the situation. 

So, the best thing that you can do is to lend your ears to him. Tell him that you understand what he is feeling and that he should learn how to accept it. 

Explain to him that it’s a part of life and that there are still many parties where he could join. 

Talk to Your Child

It’s expected that you’ll get angry if your child isn’t invited, but don’t let your emotion blur your decisions. You might be on the verge of posting something nasty on Facebook, or you might want to call and shout to the celebrant’s parent, but that is not the most reasonable thing to do. 

Don’t even think about it. You cannot fix everything for your child, or else he would be dependent on you for the rest of his life. 

Instead, talk to your child. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. What is important is that he could vent out to you, and you have enlightened him too. 

As young as your child is, being excluded without understanding why really hurts. Perhaps, he would bring the pain forever. 

Tell your child that he is loved and accepted for who he is. But also, explain to him how friendship works. 

He must understand that sometimes, friends commit mistakes. Sometimes, they can hurt you unintentionally, like leaving you out. 

But this isn’t enough reason to throw their friendship away. And most importantly, tell your child that not being invited does not define him as a person. 

Give your child the best pep talk that you could. Teach him how to forgive and how to be the bigger person in times like this.

what to do when my child is uninvited to a kid's party?
How will you help your child understand why he isn’t invited to the party in the first place?

Prepare a Little Treat for Him

Since your child is hurt, a little treat for him won’t bring any harm. This doesn’t mean that you are spoiling him or what, but this is all about making him feel okay in your little way. 

And of course, you don’t have to splurge your hard-earned money for this. A treat to his favorite restaurant is already more than enough. 

You don’t have to go all out and throw a kid’s party too. This will make your child believe that you will always be there for him every time he is hurt. 

If he is into the arts, you could buy him art materials. If he is into music, getting a musical instrument for him will surely make him feel happy. And sure enough, he would somewhat forget that he isn’t invited. 

It’s not about what you could give your child to console him. It’s all about how you will make him feel better. 

What matters is that he’ll feel a little okay and that he feels that many people love him, most especially you.

Help Him Boost His Self-Confidence

Whatever your age is, being socially excluded knocks your confidence big time. Thankfully, children have healthy self-esteem; thus, they are more prepared to process the pain and move on. 

Helping your child build his inner strength is one of the best ways to console him. This will also help him prepare for more rejections, pains, and everything in between. 

A brilliant way to help your child rebuild and boost his confidence due to not being invited is by carefully choosing the words you use when he is around.

Avoid using negative labels. Instead, give them positive feedback for the things that they do. Encourage them to accept this as they are so that they’ll be ready to face whatever life throws at them. 

Even with the smallest thing that they do, praising them doesn’t only help them accept and outgrow the pain they are feeling. It also helps them have a stronger foundation of self-worth and confidence. 

With this, your child will be ready with whatever come what may. They will also have the courage to move on and forgive those who socially exclude them.

what to do when my child is uninvited to a kid's party?
How will you lessen the pain that your child is feeling right at the moment?


Social exclusion happens in so many ways, not just in kid’s parties. It may break your heart a little, seeing your kid getting upset for not being invited over a kid’s party, but on the other side, these are the experiences to help hone your child. 

Being the one who is left behind is socially and emotionally damaging. The best thing you can do is to be on their side as they cope with it.

Related Questions

Why is my child not invited to a kid’s party?

There are a lot of reasons why your child is not invited. Maybe, the party is exclusive for family members only or perhaps. Or it could be that they are trying to cut their budget that is why only a few children are invited. 

What will I do if my child is not invited to a kid’s party?

You can do when your child is not invited to a kid’s party to console him and tell him the possible reasons he isn’t invited. 

Be careful with how you say it so that you won’t hurt him more. Also, do not just shrug off their emotion but be patient with them in times like this.

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